"The Irrisistible Miss Peppiwell" Is A Romance Worthy of Its Title

The Irresistible Miss Peppiwell
Title: The Irresistible Miss Peppiwell
(A Scandalous House of Calydon Novel)
Author:  Stacy Reid
Format:  ERC
Length:  230 pages
Publisher:  Entangled Scandalous
Rating:  5 Stars

With a longing for adventure, the last thing Phillipa Pippiwell wants is to marry. After a painful betrayal by a man she trusted, she is wary when she unwittingly catches the attention of roguishly handsome - and sinfully tempting - Lord Anthony Thornton. Forbidden desires she secretly yearns for threaten to crumble her icy facade and reveal a past scandal best kept buried.

Dissatisfied with his empty life, Lord Anthony seeks a deep and lasting connection... and finds himself intrigued by the Ice Maiden of the haute monde. Undaunted by Phillipa's aloof nature and her distaste for the idea of matrimony, he sets out to thaw the bewitching beauty by enticing her with adventures of the most sensual type. But he, too, hides a scandalous secret... and if it's        
discovered it could rip them apart.  -Goodreads

My Thoughts
Secrets...secrets...secrets...oh my!
The beautiful young Miss Peppiwell of Boston is causing quite an uproar among the young men of English society.
Named the "Ice Maiden" due to the cool and aloof countenance she has adopted as her trademark; she seems quite the unattainable prize to those who would try to win her.
Lord Anthony Thornton's smoldering gaze and molten touch manages to not only de-ice the seemingly frigid "Ice Maiden", but ignites a fiery passion in her that proves too overpowering to be ignored.

Authoress Stacy Reid has managed to create characters that both intrigue and captivate readers.
Phillipa Peppiwell is a young, headstrong woman who wants desperately to share her heart with that special someone, but is not willing to subscribe to the "wedded and bedded" school of thought for young English Roses of breeding.
She craves adventure, experiences of every sort, and the freedom to enjoy them.
Lord Anthony Thorton has grown tired of the the chase, and is seeking a mate.  No docile young doxy will do for this hot-blooded man of means however,  his twin flame is going to have to be possessed of stronger stuff to quell the desires of this green eyed rogue.

Just when you think the chemistry between the prurient Miss Peppiwell and her magnetic Mister couldn't be more volatile, and the sparks couldn't fly any faster; the stakes for theses two lovers reach dizzying heights as life altering secrets and dangerous plots are revealed, and everything that our young lovebirds thoughts they knew of love and life is turned upside down.

This book is the perfect Regency read for today's romance reader.  It blends all  of the "knight in shining..." with a fierce determination  on the part of its heroine to live life on her own terms.
Just as importantly, her male counterpart appreciates and nurtures the bold and independent spirit of his lady.
This book also offered readers a look at a very evenly matched hero and heroine.  from the secrets that plagued the both of them, to the passions that set them ablaze; it is quite clear that these to are made for each other.
The story's fast pace and many plot twists make this the perfect read for someone for whom Regency Romance may not be a first choice. This is also a wonderful "one sitting read".



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