HFVBT Presents: The Unexpected Earl

HF Virtual Book Tours invites you to join Philippa Jane Keyworth as she tours the blogosphere for her novel, The Unexpected Earl, from September 20-30.
Publication Date: September 20, 2014
Madison Street Publishing
Formats: eBook, Paperback
Genre: Historical Fiction/Regency/Romance

From the author of the widely acclaimed The Widow’s Redeemer, comes a new Regency romance from Philippa Jane Keyworth.
Six years after being jilted without a word of explanation, Julia Rotherham finds Lucius Wolversley standing before her once again–unexpected, unannounced, unwelcome. With her heart still hurting and, more importantly, her pride, Julia must chaperone her younger sister, fend off fortune hunters, orchestrate a fake engagement, and halt an elopement–all whilst keeping the man who jilted her at arm’s length. But what Julia doesn’t know is that this time, the Earl has no intention of disappearing, and this time, he has more than an explanation to offer…

My Thoughts
The Unexpected Earl is a hard, but not so fast lesson in the disasters of assumption.
Young Julia Rotherham is so beside herself when she finds the young man that 'left her hanging' as it were, some six years before, has just had the nerve to show his face at her sister's 'coming out' ball, that she finds it necessary to get drunk.

You would think that after six years on the marriage market that is the London social scene of this era, that our young Miss Rotherham would have developed the good sense NOT to leave her charms to wither on the vine.
Its not like she hasn't has offers.

Alas, you would be wrong.
It seems that this shrew has seen fit to accept her self imposed spinsterhood none to graciously.
Moan, moan, lament...yada...yada.

So what does she do when her wayward suitor returns bent on pursuing her?
Run, lie, and accuse him of being after her money without hearing his side, of course.

This is a look at the true Regency romance.  There are no heaving bossoms...
Well, if they are heaving, its with rightous indignation, more so than any unbridled passion.
But I digress.
Let's not forget the spirited games of social musical chairs and hints of scandal.

The Unexpected Earl, has all of this in spades and is a welcome sojourn to a slower paced and seemingly more genteel time.
The characters were written very much to period.  Although there were times when a little more sense and far less manners would have been a welcomed change.
The pacing of the story is rather slow in the beginning, but well worth the wait for things to pick up plot wise heading into mid book.

This book is one of those hidden treasures that you simply have to curl up with, shut out the world, and enjoy.

In young Lucius'defense, I must say that if he was given any advance warning as to where, and with whom, that evening would find him; he would have probably made himself no stranger to the liquor cabinet.

About the Author
Philippa Jane Keyworth, known to her friends as Pip, has been writing since she was twelve in every notebookshe could find. Originally trained as a horse-riding instructor, Philippa went on to become a copywriter before beginning a degree in History. A born again Christian, Philippa lives in the south of England with her handsome husband.
Philippa has always written stories and believes that, since it is one of her loves and passions, she always will. In her early writing career, she dabbled in a variety of genres, but it was the encouragement of a friend to watch a film adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice that began her love affair with the British Regency. Since then, she has watched every Regency film and TV series she could get her hands on and become well acquainted with Georgette Heyer’s novels which gave her the inspiration to write her own.
Both as a reader and a writer, Philippa believes it is important to escape into a world you yourself would want to live in. This is why she writes stories that will draw you into the characters’ joys and heartaches in a world apart from our own. Her debut novel, The Widow’s Redeemer (Madison Street Publishing, 2012), is a traditional Regency romance bringing to life the romance between a young widow with an indomitable spirit and a wealthy viscount with an unsavory reputation. The novel has been received well by readers and reviewers who have praised the heartfelt story and admirable characters. Her second novel, The Unexpected Earl (Madison Street Publishing, 2014), explores another romance in the Regency era when an impetuous young woman has her life turned upside down by the reappearance of the earl who jilted her six years ago.
So, what are you waiting for? Get swept away into another time with characters you will learn to love, and experience the British Regency like never before.
For more information please visit Philippa Jane Keyworth’s website and blog. You can also connect with her on FacebookTwitter, and Goodreads.
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