Untamed Sexual Chemistry Meets Storytelling Brilliance in "Beast 3"

Beast, Part III (Beast, #3)Title:  Beast III
Author:  Ella James
Format:  Kindle Editon
Length: 58 pages
Publisher:  Barkleys Books
Rating:  5 Stars

 The third installment of Annabelle & Beast's story. Blurb coming soon.

My Thoughts
What started out as a sexy walk on the wild side with the dark and powerful Beast in book 2, has since become nothing less than then race of a lifetime for Annabelle.
Caught in a web of lies, drugs, revenge, and prison politics; Annabelle finds herself having to walk the fine line between light and dark without Beast's steadying hand.

Captured, cornered, drugged, and alone; Beast drifts in and out of the nightmare of his accident, while he awaits his death at the hands of a rival seeking to fill his shoes.
As plots swirl, power changes hands, and the revenge fueled dreams of District Attorney, Robert Ryan, come to fruition; help for Annabelle and Beast comes from the unlikeliest of sources.
But will it be enough?

Authoress Ella James holds nothing back this time around. Pairing her flair for 'no holds barred' eroticism with spine tingling intrigue, nail biting suspense, heart-wrenching emotionality, and edge of your seat action.

Annabelle and Beast have managed to stay on the fair side of Lady Luck, but Beast 3 leaves one asking...

Has the 'wheel of fortune' finally begun to turn afoul of our new favorite 'against all odds' couple?

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