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XO, Blake (The Undergrad Years, #3) Title:  XO Blake
(The Undergrad Years #3)
Author:  Avery Aster
Format:  ERC
Length:  250 pages
Expected Publication:  June 9th, 2015
Rating:  5 Stars

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For fans of the dark comedy BDSM film Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down comes an erotic exploration in domination and submission where Ivy League students let their naughtiest desires run wild…

If you think my besties Lex, Taddy, and Vive have had some bad luck earlier this year, cut to me at Glamorama. Last thing I remembered was dancing with Diego and Miguel from my English class, when the room started… spinning. And not in a good way! We got sick. Think Regan in The Exorcist. Taddy was rushed to the hospital. Holding on for dear life, I was carried out by the boys and taken back to their dorm.

Now I’m waking up in Diego’s bed and Miguel keeps staring at me from across the room. I’ve wanted to get into these dudes’ pants since the first day of class. But Diego told me he likes to be tied up and—wait for it—spanked. WTF! The news on TV reports that last night we all got roofied. And Vive just texted me saying that someone is out to kill her. Could this semester get any more bizarre? -–Blake Morgan, college freshman, gay best friend, virgin

The Undergrad Years is a new adult contemporary miniseries about first loves, independence, and everlasting friendships.  -Goodreds

My Thoughts

Hello My Lovelies,
Welcome to another edition of WTF Are You Reading?  Where we've got the scoop on what and who you should be reading...and we aren't afraid to tell you!

It's lights...camera...and "Oh my gwaud gurrrl" all the way!

We've loved Lex, and been totally true to Taddy.  Now it's time to get the real T and no shade, as only Blake can 'kiss and tell it'.
He's the sweet pea in this pod of closer than close besties.  The beautiful boy that everybody loves to love, and after a night out with his girls ends up more roofie than rowdy; our little Blake will find out just who has been loving him the most!

XO Blake is the story of a boy who has never been afraid of who he is. Raised to be a proud occupant of Barbie's dream house, unafraid to wear make-up, sparkle up his wardrobe, and dream of kissing boys.  Blake Morgan III is all grown up now, but still determined to play the game of life by his own rules.  (As soon as he makes them up...of course!)

xo blake quote card oneThis story is filled with fun, scandal, friendship, drama, BDSM, and more than just a little love!
Though wrapped in the glitter and glitz of money and Manhattan, Blake's story is much more down to earth than it first appears.  His blood may not run quite as blue as that of his gal pals, but Blake has the riches of family and acceptance.
What's more, he often serves as a grounding force for the wild and fierce women that he loves. 

This may be a novella, but the story told here packs quite a message ladened punch.  Addressing issues such as fetishism, sexual identity, sexual awakening, and HIV; XO Blake quickly distinguishes itself as "a read with a reason".  Giving readers both a sexy, unputdownable, fully evolved drama, and thought provoking social commentary. 


Because we all know that enough can never be enough!  Can you say diversity?
That's right!
The leading men that manage to both turn Blake's head and capture his heart are Latino!
Aye papi!
As promised...the sex is caliente!
I mean, finding out you're a top, getting to tie down a bronze Adonis with the face of an Angel, and cashing in the V-card all at once.
Come on!  Need I say more!  

Just a few side-notes before I go!
-Due to the graphic sexual content and mature subject matter, this review recommends that one be 18+ to ride this ride.

-This novella is one of a companion series which may be read in any order, as a standalone, or as part of its intended series.  

That's all for now loves!

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New York Times, USA Today bestselling author Avery Aster pens The Manhattanites, a modern romance series of juicy melodramas multilayered on love, friendship, scandal, and drama to the hilt. As a resident of New York’s Upper East Side and a graduate from New York University, Avery gives readers an inside look at the city’s glitzy nightlife, socialite sexcapades and tall tales of the über-rich and ultra-famous. “I write about what I see in my metropolis that never sleeps–beautiful people on the quest for a passionate thrill,” Avery says. By and large, Avery’s characters are ripped straight from the headlines, speak their minds and always get what they want. Undressed #1 (Lex & Massimo) launched The Manhattanites series. Unscrupulous #2 (Taddy & Warner) is the prequel. Also, stay tuned for the sequel with Unsaid #3 (Blake & Miguel) coming summer 2014. The Manhattanites is for fans who miss TV shows like Sex & The City or watch Girls (HBO), Revenge (ABC), and The Bold & the Beautiful (CBS) . Avery’s characters are over the top. They have cray-cray fun, speak their minds and always get what they want. Each novel may be read as a stand alone.
Note: Avery Aster practices “follow my ass and I’ll follow you back!”
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  1. Thank you so much, Frishawn!!! I love it.
    s such as fetishism, sexual identity, sexual awakening, and HIV; XO Blake quickly distinguishes itself as "a read with a reason". Giving readers both a sexy, unputdownable, fully evolved drama, and thought provoking social commentary." --WTF are you reading


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