Gaze Upon A Bright New Erotic Star In "The Future Of Sex"

The Future of Sex (The Future of Sex, #1)Title:  The Future Of Sex
(The Future of Sex #1)
Author:  Lexi Maxwell
Format:  ERC
Length:  68 pages
Publisher:  Sterling and Stone
Rating:  4.5 Stars

In the hyperconnected and artificial-intelligence-enhanced future, sex is like a cyberpunk video game: a realm where no desire is left unexplored, and even the unimaginable is possible.
In the year 2063, the civilized world exists only within the North American Union, walled off by a defensive shell called the Lattice, protected from the barbarian East and rising sea levels while life goes on in a hyper-stimulated dystopia.

Life inside the NAU is overseen by the Crossbrace network, soon to be supplanted by the next-gen AI of an arriving entity called "The Beam." And sex -- which hosts a bevy of technological wonders within its toolset (nanobots, bodily enhancements, computer-simulated immersive porn) has been turned into a commodity, diverted away from humanity and toward profit.
The monolithic O corporation has mainstreamed sexuality through social engineering and political manipulation -- not in order to legitimize it, but to advance its own market share. O is in search of the elite to please the NAU's wealthiest and most demanding men and women -- true to its mission to strive toward "the future of sex."

Among those recruits is Chloe Shaw: new, green, and downright inexperienced. But as it turns out, Chloe has a gift that even far-seeing O doesn't suspect. She's a strong female lead and a prodigy for sure … but will her abilities prove to be more than even O can control?
The Future of Sex takes place within the world of The Beam, a groundbreaking sci-fi serial by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant. This cyberpunk trip down the rabbit hole straddles the line as a hybrid science fiction / erotica series, and as such contains explicit sex scenes.  Goodreads

My Thoughts
The Future of Sex manages to pack quite an erotic powerhouse into its scant 68 pages.
Main character Chloie, proves as addictive to the reader's mind, as her psychically charged sex-capades do to her surprised and happy clients.
Everything about the ultra-modern, isolationist, uber-capitalized society in which Chloe finds herself,  screams disconnectedness.  This is a place where everything...including sex, can be and will be manipulated, packaged, and sold to the highest bidder.

Forging new pathways to the libedos and pocketbooks of the upper-classes,
is the O corporation.  Run by six people who can't seem to agree about something as simple as what day it is.  This company has distinguished itself as the cream of the crop in every area of sexual entertainment. 

When a fresh faced and barely tried Chloe manages to blow the collective socks off of the "powers that be" in her bid for a coveted 'spa girl' position with O.  Readers get to watch them watch her intuit everything from the darkest of her trial partner's most hidden desires, to the operating mechanics of a state of the art sex machine.

This is an extremely well crafted tale.  Brimming with just the right mix of tech, social  commentary, humor, sexuality, and intelligence; this is a story that one can't help wanting more of.
For her part, Chloe manages to be both fantasy and surprisingly real at the same time.
Which is a great help when the behind the scenes plotting ratchets up to nauseating proportions.
Each sex scene is a work of art.  Chloe revels in her power,  and proves herself a force to be reckoned with. The vivid descriptions of sights, sounds, feelings, and even thoughts,  plug the reader directly into the action on an almost tangible level.
The only downside to this read can be found in the afore mentioned "big six" of O corporation.  Their incessant quibbling over EVERYTHING...coupled with their inability to make a decision about Chloe is, in a word, maddening. 

This is an excellent beginning to what promises to be a very eye-opening erotic adventure.
Follow Chloe's further exploits in the world of O, in part 2 of this scintillating,  cyber-serial,  The Girlfriend Experience. 

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