"Persuasion" Takes On A Whole New Meaning In This Tale Of Life, Loyalty, And Love

My Thoughts
As both the grandson of a founding member, and a third generation Legacy, with partial deeds to both the clubhouse and bar.  There was no doubt in anyone's mind that Lang Anderson would someday become president of The Sons Of Odin MC.
What no one knew however, was just how soon that someday would come, and at what price...for both Lang and his club.
Persuasion is the story of a man forced to be the eye of the storm that has become his life.  Suddenly saddled with the responsibilities of both his club, and the guardianship of his three younger sisters; on the heels of the tragic deaths of their parents.
As if all of the complexity swirling around Lang is not enough,
there is the added complication of his rebellious, teen sister, Maya.
It seems that the one thing that Lang needs in his life, is the one thing that his is in terriblely short supply of.
Who knew that said help would come in the form of Lilliana
A beautiful woman on the wrong side of a bar fight.  Lang has no idea that said beauty would find her way to the right side of his life, his sister, and his heart.
This is an MC story that sets itself and its players apart by not falling into the 'bad boys in leather' scenario in a typical way.
That is not to say that the Sons Of Odin are standing around singing 'Ave Maria' and petitioning the Vatican for sainthood.
What is going on, is that Lang is making an effort to clean house.  In light of the former president's nefarious activities; Lang knows that The Sons Of Odin most do all they can to prove that they are a club beyond reproach.
As we all know, where there is house cleaning, there is bound to be dirt.  The surprises come in when Lang finds out just how far the dirt in his organization goes and just who his boys have been getting dirty with.
And now...back to the ladies!
I say ladies, because this part of the review concerns ALL of the women in his life.
Because Lang is hyper aware of the darker influences of his club life, and what effects said influences could have on his young and impressionable sisters.  He is very adamant about keeping the lines between family and business uncrossed.
This becomes increasingly important as his relationship with a certain blonde bombshell (who also happens to be his sister Maya's school counselor) deepens.  Lilliana, because she is a part of both Lang's club and nonclub lives, acts as a point of convergence for both.  A point that has the ability to change the lives of all involved for the better...or worse.
The line of demarcation that was referred to earlier in this review also carries over into Lang's romantic dealings.
Though life at the club is a factor in his relationship with Lily,
Lang goes to great lengths to keep his lady as far away from the ugliness of club life as he can.
This is a very sweet, real, and relatable look at honor, duty, love, and family in the world of the MC and beyond.
Reviewer's Note:
This book is written as the first in what is believed to be a companion series.
As such, it may be read as part of said series or alone.
*I received this book via Netgalley and Random House Loveswept in exchange for the honest review provided.*

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