Find Out If Tristan And Kat Are Destined For Happily...Or Heartbreak In "Climax"

27233510Title:  Climax
Series:  (Her British Stepbrother #3)
Author:  Lauren Smith
Foromat:  eARC
Length:  150 pages
Publisher:  Forever/ Grand Central
Rating:  5 Stars
Reviews for:  Forbidden and Seduction

A love so forbidden. A passion so undeniable . . . 
 It's time for Kat to face the truth. She can't resist sexy playboy Tristan--he's too deliciously seductive, and much too good at making her melt, body and soul. With photographic proof plastered all over London, the whole world now knows she's fallen for this British bad boy.

There's just one problem. Their parents got married and now Tristan is her stepbrother. They shouldn't be together, but Tristan always gets what he wants, and he wants her more than anything. Behind closed doors, this only makes every moment they spend together hotter, every kiss deeper, as the passion between them blazes higher.

My Thoughts
Just when you think the tension could get no tauter, the stakes could climb no higher, and the flames of passion which leave Kat's heart racing, and make Tristan's blood sing at the mere thought of his lady love's touch, could burn no brighter.  The third installment of Lauren Smith's Her British Stepbrother series, entitled Climax, comes along to prove you wrong in ways that both your romantic heart and your libido will never forget.

It seems that even the truth of what Tristan's father has planned for him, and the impending marriage of Kat's father to Tristan's mother, are not strong enough deterrents for these two.  Still trapped in very close quarters for the holidays, and still endeavoring to keep their love a secret.  Kat and Tristan have no idea just how close they are to discovery.  A discovery that will change both their lives in a big way.  A discovery that will leave no doubt between the two of them or to the world, just how much their love means, or the lengths to which the pair is willing to go in order to protect it...and each other.

If you are a reader who loves the allure of forbidden love, who would jump at the chance to play Juliet to a handsome British Romeo, or who longs to be kissed awake by your very own prince.  Look no further!
You have found your book.
It is in fact, that kiss, or insinuation of one very much like it, that takes these two, and the love they have tried so hard to hide front, center, and very public.
The fallout out that ensues making this read nothing short of a drama hound's wet dream. As Kat is forced to watch her father's newfound happiness implode, and face what seems the inevitable loss of her heart in the process.  While Tristan is forced to heed the call of his tyrannical father.  Who is now convinced that he has the leverage that he needs to make his wayward son tow the family line.

But fear not brave reader.  Authoress, Lauren Smith, has not brought you or her characters to the crescendo of yet a third book just to leave you wanting for a resolution.  If anything, the seeming impossibility  of escape from the corner in which Tristan and Kat seem to have painted themselves, makes the perfect breeding ground for fierce and heartfelt "claiming sex", game changing revelations, and a nearly tragic "unhappily..." that changes minds and softens hearts in ways that must be read to be believed.

Reviewer's Note:  Climax is the third book in a closely related serial.  It is imperative to reader enjoyment that this series be read in the order in which its author intended.
Reviewer's Note:
I was provided with a copy of the afore referenced work in exchange for the honest review provided,

About Lauren

Born and raised in Tulsa, Lauren Smith spent the first twenty-two years of her life in Oklahoma, bridging the worlds between urban girl and cowgirl. After high school she attended Oklahoma State University where she earned Bachelor of Art degrees in history and political science. Drawn to paintings in museums and obsessed with antiques, she has satisfied her fascination with history by writing and exploring exotic, ancient lands.

Over the years, Lauren’s studies have opened doors throughout the world. From spending two summers at Cambridge to attending classes at such divergent places as Ireland and Chengdu, China, she has discovered fascinating opportunities for enrichment wherever she goes. 
After completing college, Lauren moved to Michigan to attend law school at the University of Detroit-Mercy and University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada. Armed with two Juris Doctorate degrees from both countries, she returned to Tulsa and became an intellectual property attorney.

Since third grade when her English teacher proposed that all students should craft a story for a young writers’ conference, Lauren has been hooked on writing. Her first self-illustrated manuscript described the mysterious disappearance of rare brown bats that were being captured by scientists bent on using them as carriers for an incurable disease. The immense sense of joy in sharing that story with others, and discussing plots and characters, made it clear to Lauren that writing was her true passion.

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