"His To Protect" Is A Case Of Hunky Dark Knight Done Ohh So Right!

27245811 Title:  His To Protect
Series:  (Fireside #2)
Author:  Stacey Lynn
Format:  eARC
Length:  225 pages
Publisher:  Loveswept
Rating:  4.5

A warm home for broken hearts, the Fireside Grill serves up hope and healing in equal measure. Stacey Lynn’s sensual, deeply emotional series heats up as a jaded restaurateur falls hard for a woman who’s hiding from a damaged past.

Declan James lost his last ounce of trust the day his wife walked out the door, leaving him to save the restaurant they built together. Throwing himself into his work, Declan swears off women—or at least, women who expect him to stick around in the morning. But when he discovers a skittish beauty scrounging through the Fireside’s trash to feed her dog, Declan offers her a job and a place to rest her head. There’s just something about her that awakens his protective side. And soon, not even that mangy mutt can stop Declan from caring for her.

After one too many trips to the ER, Trina Wilson finally gathered the courage to leave her husband, taking only her car and hyperactive boxer. Unfortunately, life on the run proves harder than she anticipated—until Declan takes a leap of faith on her. But even as Trina starts to see beyond his gruff exterior, she can’t relax, even for a moment. Not with her husband still tracking her down. What Trina doesn’t know is that in Declan, she has a powerful ally—and, if she would only follow her heart, a devoted lover.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

My Thoughts
His To Protect is the type of book that once picked up, will not be put down until its end.  Katrina Wilson has had enough of the gilded cage in which she lives.  As the wife of a powerful and abusive senator, she knows that her repeated pleas for help as well has her myriad of bumps and bruises will continue to go unnoticed until it"s too late.

It is when her patience with her situation finally reaches its end, that she finally decides that the time has come for a change.  With this in mind, she and her oh so adorable furry sidekick, Boomer, set out for the safety of Canada.
But, it seems that fate, a lack of money and a need to sate Boomer's hunger come together when least expected to put this wounded princess and a very wary restauranteur on a collision course with forever that could prove deadly.

The strength and bravery that leading lady, Trina, shows when she and Boomer take the steps needed to leave her controlling and abusive marriage, are enough to capture and hold the hearts and minds of readers without question.  But when you add in a newly divorced and very handsome Declan James, owner of the Fireside Grill, and savior of desperate dog owners.  You have a truly drool-worthy romance, that will have any lover of falling in love sitting up and begging for more.

Stacey Lynn does a spectacular job of empowering both Declan and to a much greater extent, the beleaguered Trina.  Making sure that the strengths of both are allowed to come to the fore, both as a couple and separately.  Though it is clear from the start that Trina is a hand-in-glove fit for both Declan and Fireside.  The rapid pace at which the relationship between these two goes from harmless to HOT is...shall we say, "light speed".

Given the weighty nature of the domestic abuse theme; Boomer and the natural levity that his special brand of furry exuberance brings into play, often helps to lighten the mood...or in very special cases, to provide that extra bit of breath catching drama.
It goes without saying that the love scenes here are hot, hot, HOT!  They are also loving and tender!
That's right!  The love made here is all about the connection.  A connection between heart, head, and all points in between.

Be it heart or head.  His To Protect is a story that is crafted to appeal to both.  Due to socially relevant commentary on the evils of domestic abuse, a strong and relatable stable of characters, a swoon-worthy romance (dog included), and a dramatic ending of day-time Emmy proportions.  This is a book that is good enough for a reread.

Wanna see where everything started?
Click the link to my review of Book #1 in the Fireside series.

Reviewer's Notes: My review of the above referenced work has not been influenced in any way by Loveswept or those acting on the publisher's behalf.
His To Love is the second in a companion series that can be read in any order. It is strongly suggested, for the purposes of continuity however, that the series be read as intended.

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