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DRAGON FEVER by Donna Grant, a novella in her Dark Kings Series brought to you by 1001 Dark Nights, is finally here! Be sure you check out the trailer and all the stops on the tour. It's available now so grab your copy today!

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A yearning that won’t be denied

Rachel Marek is a journalist with a plan. She intends to expose the truth about dragons to the world – and her target is within sight. Nothing matters but getting the truth, especially not the ruggedly handsome, roguishly thrilling Highlander who oozes danger and charm. And when she finds the truth that shatters her faith, she’ll have to trust her heart to the very man who can crush it…
A legend in the flesh
Suave, dashing Asher is more than just a man. He’s a Dragon King – a being who has roamed this planet since the beginning of time. With everything on the line, Asher must choose to trust an enemy in the form of an all too alluring woman whose tenacity and passion captivate him. Together, Asher and Rachel must fight for their lives – and their love – before an old enemy destroys them both…

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It had been so easy to gain Asher’s attention. Then again, she had dressed the part. Though Rachel hadn’t expected such an immediate interaction with him, she was still pleased. She’d guessed right in what would draw his attention.
“Good evening,” he said in a smooth, deep brogue that she wanted to hate but couldn’t.
She nodded, smiling “Evening.”
“Ah. American.”
“Is that a problem?”
He was quick to shake his head. “No’ at all. I’ve several close friends who are married to Americans. I’m Asher, by the way.”
She took his hand. His long fingers tenderly wrapped around hers as his Scottish brogue fell from his lips. “Rae.”
“A curiously male name for a verra feminine woman.”
“It’s a nickname.” It was a trick of any good undercover journalist worth their salt to remain close to the truth in any scenario. Sharing an old nickname allowed her to use something other than her name, but still answer to it because she knew it.
“And your real name?”
She smiled flirtatiously. “That I save for those I deem worthy.”
One side of his lips lifted in a shockingly seductive grin. He leaned back in his chair casually, those bright green eyes of his studying her, as if by staring he might be able to see all the secrets she kept hidden away.
Rachel found herself gazing into his eyes. Never had she seen eyes such a dazzling green before. Even if she hadn’t known he was an immortal and a Dragon King, the truth of who he was blazed in those eyes of his.
“Your smile is fading. Why?” he asked, a small frown forming.
“Do you believe you can see a person’s soul in their eyes?”
“Aye,” he replied immediately.
My Thoughts

If you thought that a Dark Kings novella would pack any less of a
literary punch than that of the full length novels that readers have come to know and love.
You are in for quite the drama filled surprise with Dragon Fever.

Spotlighting Jade Dragon King, Asher.
Dragon Fever takes up right where Smoke And Fire left off.
With Ulrik seeming to gain both power and influence at every turn, 
and the destruction of the Dragon Kings his only goal.
Con, Dreagan, the united Dragon Kings, and all the world face more peril than
It has become imperative that Ulrik be stopped...

Rachel Marek is a woman with a nose for news,
and armed with information from a mysterious source;
she is bound and determined to get to the truth behind the rumors that 
dragons really do exist.
Even if she has to get close to a Dragon King to do it.

What Rachel has no way of knowing however, 
is that both dragons and Dragon Kings are very real.
And by the time that all is said and done,
she will have given her heart to one, and 
been betrayed by another.

Though this is a short read, and offered as part of the 1001 Dark Nights collection,
it is chock full of "not to be missed" plot twists involving our favorite "bad dragon".
There is also a very unexpected change of scenery.
That's right!
We get to go to Paris!
Oh la la!
There is also a very special nod to Dreagan Scotch.

If you are looking for a sexy, secret filled, speed demon of a supe read.
Make sure you catch Dragon Fever!


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1.  With Dark Kings expanding to 10 full-length novels, plus the addition of DRAGON FEVER to its novella collection, and the awesome Reaper series.  Do you ever get ideas for one character or series while writing another?

Oh, all the time! There are constant little tidbits I "see" for Rhi. Then there's V, Ulrik, and Con. In a series as large as this one, everything and everyone is interconnected some how. I don't always see it (since I don't plot my books) until I'm writing a particular character. So when I get ideas, I go with the flow and see where the story will take me.

2.  How do you decide which Dragon Kings get full novels and which get novellas?
I don't know who is going to be in what book that far in advance. I know my release dates and where books and novellas will fall in, so I go with the story. Whichever Dragon King is pushing to have his story told is the one that I write next. Sometimes I try to fit them in a certain order, but it normally never works. :)

3.  How do you manage to keep your novellas so concise, without sacrificing any of the story or depth that one would find in your full-length work?
I love writing novellas because it makes me focus on the hero and heroine exclusively. There's little outside interference or secondary characters, thereby making the story tighter. After writing huge stories getting nearer and nearer to 500 pages, its refreshing to write a novella and make my brain switch tracks. I think it keeps a writer fresh.

4.  What is your inspiration for the awesome love scenes?
I think its a writer getting into their characters' heads and really becoming them. Every h/h is different. Sometimes the sexual chemistry is there from the very first word. Sometimes it takes longer to build. I never try to conform my characters. I let them tell their own stories. 

Even as I say that, I'm a romance writer. I crave romance. I love when I'm reading or watching a movie and a kiss or touch can make me shiver with anticipation. I want my characters to feel that same emotion, to be drowning in it. I also believe that every woman wants to have that same shiver with the person she's fallen in love with. I know I do. And that goes into every word as I write my stories.

5.  What made you decide to write DRAGON FEVER as a 1001 NIGHTS story, instead of releasing it as a Dark Kings only title?

The only reason I'm writing any novellas for the Dragon Kings is because of Liz Berry and MJ Rose. They are truly fabulous women who asked me to join into this adventure with them. It's been an amazing experience, and one of the best things I've ever done. So I write my novellas to continue to be a part of the 1001 Dark Nights.

Donna Grant - headshot ABOUT DONNA
Donna Grant is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the sizzling Dark King series featuring dragons, immortal Highlanders, and the Fae.

She was born and raised in Texas but loves to travel. Her adventures have taken her throughout the United States as well as to Jamaica, Mexico, and Scotland. Growing up on the Texas/Louisiana border, Donna’s Cajun side of the family taught her the “spicy” side of life while her Texas roots gave her two-steppin’ and bareback riding.

Despite deadlines and voracious reading, Donna still manages to keep up with her two children, four cats, and one long haired Chihuahua.


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