The Romantic Kink Of 'My Addiction' Will Prove Quite The Hard Habit To Break

25738940Title:  My Addiction
(Club Desire #2)
Author:  Cassie Ryan
Review Format:  eARC
Length:  N/A
Publisher:  Loveswept
Rating:  4 Stars

In a novel of erotic passion and deep commitment from the author of My Obsession, an undercover cop finds a soulmate who surrenders to his healing touch.

Fiercely independent and determined to free herself from her father’s manipulation, tech expert Kate Fretwell finds a refuge in L.A.’s elite BDSM dungeon scene as the hot new thing to political and Hollywood A-listers. Still, all that glitters gets old, and Kate soon tires of the stream of well-heeled masters who expect her to be at their beck and call. Then she meets a very different kind of Dom—one whose quiet confidence, strength, and command bring her most willingly to her knees.

Undercover FBI agent Dex Alexander fits right into his assignment to expose terrorist links to one of L.A.’s most popular clubs. The case has reawakened a desire to find the perfect companion, and he knows that beautiful, vulnerable Kate is a woman he could love. But when her father’s corruption unwittingly makes Kate the target of a bigger enemy, Dex brings her to his Phoenix home—and his dungeon, Club Desire. Here she shows him just how eager she is to give him everything . . . and more.  -Goodreads

My Thoughts
 FBI Agent, Dexter Alexander, might be prepared to go undercover in an effort to get close to the beautiful Kate Fretwell.  Goodness knows, as a seasoned Dom and cofounder of Club Desire, in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. Master Dex is more than ready to infiltrate the elite, Los Angles  BDSM playground of which Kate is a member.  
But what becomes very clear from their first meeting, is that neither the charismatic ebony Adonis, nor his ethereal emerald eyed nymph of a sub is ready for the earth shattering  attraction that the two share from the start.

Nor are the two aware of just how far down the proverbial 'rabbit hole' of nefarious terrorist activities 'The Dungeon', its patrons, and by extension Kate, actually are.
A question that Dex must answer quickly.  Before it is too late for both Kate and the country.

My Addiction is a book that has everything.  Characters that one can't help loving, a plot with more twists than a street in San Francisco, murder, mystery, mayhem, and BDSM kink!
Not to mention the interracial beauty that is Dexter and Kate!
(Just have a gander at that cover!) YUM!
Getting things off to a very fiery and dare I say, 'kickass' start.
Leading lady Kate, proves that though she may be a submissive, she is nobody's doormat.  As she more than holds her own against one of The Dungeon's pampered princes.
A strength that she exhibits time and time again.  Both in and out of sex play.
Epitomising the independent woman.  Kate is sexy, fun, smart, and unafraid to live life on her own terms.  Making her the perfect partner for leading men, Dex.

With Dex, comes the whole 'cloak and dagger' aspect of the read.  In addition to the kink, and eventual romance.
Though the investigative portions and Dex's relationship with his professional team rate off the scale.  There are times where his cover story and many of his explanations for things seem a tad thin.
More than making up for this however, is every interaction that he has with Kate.
The chemistry between these two is such that that make you want to see them together in any capacity.  Most of all though, in that of D/s.

While it goes without saying that this is an extremely engrossing read.  There are a few weak spots which keep it just south of 5 stars.
The afore mentioned thinness of Dex's cover story being one.
Holding positions 2 and 3 on the list are.

The rough transition that both characters make from the Los Angeles portion of the storyline to the Phoenix portion.

The very rushed pace of the story's end.  A fuax pas which is somewhat saved however, by the open blatant open-endedness with which audiences are left.

Ohhh...the promise of book 3!
Here's also hoping that we are somehow treated to an update on Dex and Kate.

About Cassie
Cassie Ryan
Cassie Ryan (a.k.a. Tina Gerow) started her published writing career writing steamy paranormal romance under another pen name. However, when one of her critique partnersBrit Blaisesuggested she try her hand at erotic romance, she gave it a shot! After all, shes not a girl to turn down a challenge of any type. So, she pulled out all the stops and wrote the first several chapters of what would become CEREMONY OF SEDUCTION.

After hearing Audrey LaFehr from Kensington speak on a new erotic romance line shed started called Aphrodisia, at RWA Nationals, Cassie sent in her partial and went back to writing. So, when Audrey fished her partial out of the slush pile and offered her a three book deal, Cassie Ryan was officially born.

Cassie lives in Phoenix, Arizona and besides being a write-a-holic, is a frequent speaker on several writing and motivational topics.

 Find Her:   Web / Twitter / Goodreads / Facebook

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