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We're hosting the third day of the blog tour for TITAN WORLD, featuring Cristin Harber and ten authors writing in Cristin Harber's Titan world. The next book being featured is GOING UNDER by Anna Bishop Barker! Check out an excerpt below.

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About GOING UNDER by Anna Bishop Barker

From New York Times best-selling author Cristin Harber and Anna Bishop Barker comes an exciting collaboration… EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT UNDERWATER
Clinical researcher Rebecca Shaughnessy’s life has always been planned, ordered, controlled, logical. She isn’t a damsel and she doesn’t need a hero.
Ex- Army Ranger Max Lawrence’s life is a study in balancing. War and compassion, aggression and tenderness. He isn’t looking to be anyone’s hero, even if he does appreciate the trusty steed and the mighty sword stories.
But there is a monster from the past. A monster who simply takes. And this time it intends to take everything.
In every good fairy tale there are dragons and monsters. The dragon in this tale may be their fiery attraction but the monster won’t remain in the past where it belongs. When the monster resurfaces, this damsel and her knight must brave the currents and fight to keep from going under.
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Read an Excerpt

“Uh, I, uh do solemnly swear that…” He moved a bit closer. “That I understand that Dr. Maxwell Spencer Lawrence wants to screw my brains out, but that he is waiting for the opportune moment. I understand that when said moment occurs, I will be fully cognizant of that fact. I will be a willing, enthusiastic participant, and I will never say that I am not good at it again. Because Dr. Maxwell Spencer Lawrence will need medication if I get any better at it.” Suddenly, amazingly, Rebecca could barely contain her laughter. “I can’t remember all that, Dr. Lawrence,” she said with mock severity. “Then just nod your assent. I’ll remember.” Rebecca nodded and looked up at him. “I think you already need medication. And I am unsure that wearing a Mickey Mouse watch helps instill sufficient fear in me to obey you.” Max leaned back from her and narrowed his eyes. “I will have you know, madam, that The Mouse is a total badass. He manages that whack pack of characters that surround him, he can understand what the actual fuck Donald Duck says, he’s faithful to his woman, and he does all that wearing red pants with no fly. Total badass.”


My Thoughts

The straight laced, no nonsense, highly ordered, and strictly professional way in which Dr, Rebecca Shaughnessy runs her lab.  Is the stuff of legend within her field of Clinical Research.  But what most don't know is that the regimented way in which she runs her lab, is also the way that Rebecca runs her life.
Never daring to stray outside of a very defined set of personal, social, and practical lines.
For reasons that she is determined every day to try to forget.
Reasons that very demented person from her past will do anything to make her remember.

Dr. Maxwell Lawrence has always taken his calling to protect and defend extremely seriously.
Both in his former service in the elite Army Ranger Corps, and now in his role a preeminent psychiatrist, specializing in the treatment of PTSD.
The last thing that Max ever intended to do was to fall for the buttoned up beauty and flashing eyes of  his colleague.
But every cutting look, curt reply, and furtive touch the two share has him doing just that.
And...though she tries to deny it.  It is quite clear that Dr. Max is not the only one affected.

Lastly, there is Him.  The dark remnant of evil from Rebecca's past.
A man who took something from her that he had no right to.
A man obsessed with a horrific deed.
A man determined to revisit the fullness of that horror on a woman who has no idea he is lurking within the shadows of her reconstructed life.

Told in three very distinct, yet highly complimentary voices.  Going Under is a story that is able to achieve the perfect blend of romance, suspense, and intellectual complexity that are the hallmarks of any stellar psychological thriller.
What's more, said excellence is brought to bear within the very concise perimeters of a novella format. 

To have a story as well written, characters as fully expressed, and a seamlessly transitioning plot that contains just one story element within the confines of such a limited format is wonderful.  To achieve such with both romance and thriller components is breathtaking in this case, to say the least.

Both Max and Rebecca are characters that readers can't help wanting to know.  Almost as much as they want to know each other.  This fact, coupled with what their audience comes to understand about their respective pasts.  When juxtaposed against what one is aware from the start is a looming threat to the prospect of their collective future.  Makes this story nothing less than page turner gold.
Simply put.  This book is nothing less than heartwarming, passion stirring, edge of your seat, nail biting, 'happily ever after,' perfection.

Reviewer's Note:  Though this book is part of a companion collection, it may be enjoyed as a stand alone.
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About Anna Bishop Barker

Anna Bishop Barker is a lifetime romantic who has always dreamed of writing. She lives in Florida with her family of kids, grandkids, dogs, lizards, and love.
Her hope and vision is to write the kinds of books that she loves to read—books with humor, some intrigue or danger, and chock-full of romance and hot sex, with possibly some tears, but always a happy ending. Just not for the bad guys.
Please follow Anna on Facebook and Instagram. Announcements for newsletter sign-ups, website information, and blog postings will be there first. Also, feel free to contact her via email, post on her author site, or message her.

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