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The Trouble With Misbehaving Title:  The Trouble With Misbehaving
Author:  Victoria Hanlen
Review Format:  eARC
Length:  NA
Publisher:  Harper Collins/Carina UK
Rating:  5 Stars

Love, Betrayal and Redemption
Calista ‘CC’ Collins is used to being the talk of the town. With her scandalous past she’s learnt the hard way that a woman needs to be strong to get what she wants in a man’s world. And what she wants is the infamous Captain Beauford Tollier—roguish son of an earl, notorious blockade-runner and all-round knave of the seas.
However, Captain Beau is not one to be cajoled—he is done with the dangerous sea life and ready to follow the life of the straight and narrow. But with many powerful forces circling around him, Beau doesn’t stand a chance…
PRAISE FOR THE TROUBLE WITH MISBEHAVING ‘This story has romance, action, bad and good men, surprises, and a lot more.’ – Cathy Geha (NetGalley)
‘this one didn't disappoint’ – Avephoenix (Goodreads)
‘I’ve read hundreds of historical romances, yet rarely encounter such a wily heroine–one who was not only loyal and brave, but cunning and able to turn her own scandal into fortune…’ – Jamie Beck (Goodreads)
‘This story has adventure and will take you along for a wonderful ride if you let it.’ – Jennifer Perkins (Goodreads)

“Since you burned my letters we still have much to discuss.”
He squared his shoulders. “I think not. Our brief association is at an end. I do not wish to be a part of your mad games. After the night before last—”
“After the night before last?”
“It seems best to allow you your distance.”
He heard a quick intake of breath and a rustle of silk. Her voice seemed to rise in pitch, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone what you almost did with crazy ol’ Miss Collins. But then you have lots of secrets, do you not, Captain Tollier? What’s one more?”
“I don’t know what you mean, nor do I care.” He started walking again.
“Looking at all these…lovely portraits, I can see why people whisper you’re the family’s cuckoo.”
Lurching around, he clenched his fists in an effort to control his temper. Not only did the insult shock, it cut into one of his earliest, deepest insecurities. He lowered his voice to a dangerous calm. “You are fortunate to be a woman, madam. Were you a man, such an insult might force me to call you out.”
She stood and gave him a look so sultry it almost begged him to teach her lessons of a different sort.
“Ah yes, call me out. And what should I call you?”
He turned to leave, hoping to prevent saying or doing something he’d regret. Before he’d taken two steps, C.C. said in a voice full of authority, “Mr. Wainwright. Perhaps Captain Scott? Or would it be Cornelius Dolan?”
The hairs on his neck stood straight out.

My Thoughts
Calista CC Collins may be a disgraced American heiress, a touch mad, a few years past what the English aristos may consider her "prime".  But as Captain Beauford Tollier, and every reader who dares to venture into the story to be found here shall soon discover.  This brilliant, beautiful, magnetic, and multifaceted woman is so much more than anyone could ever fathom.

Her counterpart in this adventure, and this is a true adventure from the word GO.  One Captain Beauford Tollier, is the seafaring third son of a flourishing Earldom.  A veteran of the English Navy, a PTSD sufferer, a man of many names and bounties, and a famous blockade runner.
Lastly, Beauford Tollier could be the one man able to match the fire that blazes inside the indomitable  Miss Collins, with one of his own.  If he can survive her and more to the point, her request...that is.

It is very clear from their first clandestine meeting in the darkness of a London pleasure garden; evil plotting men on their trail.  There are to be no firsts or seconds here.  As least not in terms of who is to bring the most drama to this story.
Instead, what we have here is a dance.  A dance where the leading man and his lady take turns guiding, dipping, and twirling.  First one and then the other.  Sharing the spotlight, each shinning in his or her own light both separately and together.

While it is true that the romance here takes a backseat to the action for most of the read.  Said action goes a long way in assuring that our lead couple is thrown together in situations which inspire...loyalty.  To say the least.
Whether it is a shared nemesis from both of their pasts, baddies with a grudge, the desperation of Calista's mission, her part in the War Of Northern Aggression, or so much more.  The circumstances in which these to find themselves build their relationship and this wonderful read.

There is so much going on in this read, that this reviewer dares not divulge too many details. Lest this critique become spoilery.
What can be said however, is that this book is for those who believe that there is no greater adventure than that of falling in love.

About Victoria
Victoria HanlenAward winning, historical romance author, VICTORIA HANLEN, has worked at a wide range of jobs, from fashion, to corporate business, to treading the boards of stage and professional opera. A lifelong writer, she once put her skills to use in PR and advertising. But her favorite form of writing is happily-ever-afters spiced with a dash of wit and a page-turning mystery. Victoria and her husband live in rural New England surrounded by a host of wildlife.

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