Your Erotic Fantasies Just May Come True In "Wicked Charming"

33780400Title:  Wicked Charming
Series:  (Wicked Ever After #1) 
Author:  Nazarea Andrews
Format:  eARC
Length:  156 pages
Rating:  3.5 Stars

He’s at the top of the world.
He’s rich, sought after, and in control.
And he’s bored.
A string of one-night stands have left Samul Charming increasingly dissatisfied. When his mother pushes him to settle down, his best friends come up with a brilliant plan:
Audition the submissive at The Kingdom.
The problem is, Charm knows who he wants: the only girl to challenge him, while submitting as naturally as breathing.
But he can’t have her.
With the entire club watching and his parents expecting him to settle down, Charm decides to settle.
But love in the Kingdom is never simple and it is never painless.
And Charm is about to be reminded of that.

Celeste is waiting when I pull up. The house is a sprawling mansion in Druid Hills. So this is where Cora calls home. It’s bright and pretty, and a little bit too manicured.
I sigh and shove out of the car.
“You,” Celeste says, stepping out of the house before I reach the door, “look like someone pissed in your cornflakes.”
I grin at her and shrug. “Nothing a pretty girl can’t improve.” She gives me a flat stare that doesn’t match the amusement in her eyes, and I take the second to look her over.
I’ve seen Celeste in uniform, sexy as hell, and I’ve seen her naked in my bed, so goddamn gorgeous it’s almost insane. I’ve never seen her like this.
She’s wearing a pink dress that drapes over one shoulder, leaving the other bare and enticing. The hem of the garment flirts just above her knees, the pleats full, kicking each time she takes a step. Her hair is tamed and flat, pulled up into a sleek ponytail, her eyes dark and grinning at me.
She’s wearing heels. Of course she is. They’re dainty white things that give her four inches of height and she’s still shorter than me, grinning up at me from under her lashes and biting at her lower lip.
She’s gorgeous and I want, pretty damn desperately, to tug her into my car and slide that pretty skirt up and find out what she’s got on under it.
Her smirk fades, and something hungry and knowing fills her gaze as she stares at me. “You’re gonna get me into so much trouble,” she whispers, and I nod once.
Ditto, pet.
I kiss her instead of answering, and she makes a pleased little noise in the back of her throat, her hand coming up to rest on my shoulder.
She doesn’t usually touch me. I don’t usually let her, but then, we aren’t in a scene, tonight, and I’m enjoying this—her lips, the tiny sigh she gives as I lick into her mouth, the way she whines when I nip at her plump lower lip.
She presses forward, and I pull away from her lips just enough to groan. “We’re gonna be late,” I murmur and she nods, leaning forward to press a quick kiss to my throat, and then steps away.
“Then we should go,” she says.
I kiss her again, quick and full of promise, and then step away, a hand at her back to usher her to the waiting car. I don’t ask why she met me outside and she doesn’t volunteer any information. Instead, she checks her lipstick in the mirror, mumbling about smudges before focusing on me.
“Tell me about this thing,” she orders, leaning back against the seat.
“You know Charming Pharmaceuticals?”
She nods.
“My father owns it. My sisters are the CFO and president of operations, respectively, but I’ll inherit it when Dad retires.”
She looks at me, and I can see the questions in her eyes. “And that’s coming soon, isn’t it?”
I glance at her and nod. “Yeah. Mama wants him to retire. The company is doing well, and truthfully, he would have retired years ago, if he had his way.”
“Why didn’t he?”
“Because the heir apparent didn’t want to be the heir apparent.” I give a quick, guilty grin and shrug. “I dunno, running a corporation has never been my life’s goal. I guess I’ve always enjoyed doing my own thing.”
“So why are you going? If you don’t want this.”
“Because I’m Samul Charming, Celeste. I don’t have a choice.”
She frowns, and I reach over, squeezing her knee softly. “So you’re going to meet the Board.”
Celeste reaches down and wraps my fingers with her own, and listens to me as I drive and tell her about the people we’re going to see.

My Thoughts
Samul Charming may be the reigning prince of The Kingdom.  The premier sex club and dungeon owned by he and his brothers.  But his father's impending retirement from his post as president of Charming Pharmaceuticals; threatens to unseat "Charm" from his throne as "the prince of pleasure and punishment".  In favor of an empire of another sort.

But our hero stands as proof that the fact that one's name may be Charming, offers no guarantee that one's life is actually "charmed".
For you see...
Charm is a Dom without a sub.
A prince without a princess.
A man without love.

Until her.

Celeste Queen may only be a bartender in Charm's Kingdom.  Her her lithe body, flashing eyes, and indomitable spirit make her irresistible to the man that no one can seem to resist.
But can the woman that takes center stage in Charms darkest fantasies be all that he needs in the light of day?
Can she reign as princess when her prince takes charge of a boardroom, instead of a bedroom?
Will they ever get the chance to find out?

Nazarea Andrews brings together all of the fantasy of Cinderella to the realm of Erotic Fiction with this, her first offering of the Wicked Ever After series. Readers are given a front row seat in both Charming's dungeon and his dilemma.  A fact which works to engage her audience early, and pique interest in his story.

Making Charming's story all the more appealing is the supporting cast with includes his brothers Mal, Wolf, and Beast.  Each with his own role within The Kingdom, and each with his own set of salacious
A fact which, at times, does more to work against interest in Charming's story.  Most often in the case of "switch" brother Beast.
Though the story and scenes are well written, and the eroticism is very well expressed.  Miss Andrews' attempt to stay true to elements of the fairytale within her own story, such as the ball and Charming's search for Celeste afterward read as forced and out of place.  Given the fact that his knowledge of her person and her whereabouts is established well before hand.

In short.  This book's main issue is the fact that Charming's problems aren't really problems.  At least they wouldn't be if he was truly the Dom in life that he plays at  being at his club.
Instead, he leaves all of his "problems" to be solved by his family, his employees, and even his leading lady?
Way to go there Charm!

This is the first book in a series.
So, there is a lot of room for growth development and sexy fun as the collection progresses.
In addition, at just 156 pages, this quick read is just the quick and light read that today's busy bibliophiles crave.

About Nazarea
Nazarea Andrews Nazarea Andrews is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. She loves chocolate and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids. She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, and overgrown dog.

See Her Socially:  Web / Goodreads / Twitter

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