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THE WONDER OF YOU by Harper Kincaid is LIVE!

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What if Alice didn’t fall down the rabbit hole, but instead, traveled through
Lincoln Tunnel into another kind of Wonderland:
New York City.
The best day of twenty-five year old Alice Leighton’s life was the day she got to put her nothing special, lil Southern town in her rear-view mirror. Good-bye to phony ‘bless your hearts’ and ‘I’ll pray for you’ crap, all while talking trash behind her back. She’s New York City’s latest addition and she’s going to work her ass off proving she earned her spot in the country’s top grad program.
Never again will she let some jerk derail her future and break her heart. Oh, and no more players. She’s D.O.N.E with the ‘cool guys’.
Getting caught up in Dare Grangeworth, the art world’s resident bad boy, was not part of her Alice 2.0 plan, even if he is just her type, with his beard, tats sleeves and intense green eyes. When he’s not dodging the press or his cultish fan base, Dare’s making art that makes a statement. Women seem to lose their heads around him – all the more reason why he finds Alice’s candor refreshing. He’s used to women giving in – not giving attitude.
He has to get to know this girl, even if it means allowing himself to be the subject of her research. Before too long, he becomes more than a simple outlier she can explain away. And for him everything starts to feel larger than life and upside down, like a heady rush, all while desperately trying not to lose his heart.
Become lost and found in this re-imagined story of Alice and her cast of characters, in a world where Wonderland meets Sex-and-the-City.

My Thoughts
The Wonder Of You is a book that causes one to be of two minds while reading it.
The reason for this being that it starts off, feet firmly planted in the world of romance.  But when our Alice meets her Mad Hatter; in the very attractive and rich form of one Dare Grangeworth.  Romance seems to take a very decided detour into the erotic.  Or at least, it starts to.

Sadly, at least for this reader.  The foray into what could have been a very titillating exploration of the sexual freedom that our "vibe in the purse" carrying, sex therapist in training, seems to trumpet from the rooftops in the book's opening pages.  Falls very flat later in the book. When it is learned that she knows about as much about her own sexuality as a Golden Retriever knows about a goldfish.

Really Anastasia????

She is strong and assured in every other aspect of her life. A real joy to read.  But when we are faced with what turns out to be a focal point of the book.  Her chance to claim her sexuality in a meaningful and personal way.
We get run of the mill sex, and "I don't have any fantasies."

I say again...
Really Anastasia????

Just a hint...
It doesn't bode well for your sex life or your career in sex therapy, when your tech wiz best friend knows more about fantasy and fetish play than you do.
Not to mention that fact that when our Alice finally does place one tentative toe into the wide world of fantasy.  We get a "been there...done that" scenario. that serves as little more than a gateway to a dramatic story ending.

Please don't misunderstand.
This is a very well written and enjoyable read.  But what serves time and time as this read's fatal flaw, is the fact that the author seems to go out of her way to make every aspect of "Wonderland" normal and relatable.
Dare goes out of his way to prove that in spite of his wealth...
Sex, been there done that...
No exploration of New York...etc

In short.
This book lives not in Wonderland, but in the Land of Could Have Been.


Born in California and raised in South Florida, Harper Kincaid has moved around like a gypsy with a bounty on her head ever since. For years, she was a jill of all trades and a master of none, but is now tickled hot pink to pen stories that break and mend people's hearts for a living. Kincaid believes seduction occurs from the neck up, which is why her characters are smart, sexy, and slightly quirky - and definitely worthy to be your next hard-core book crush.
When not writing, she adores listening to indie, lo-fi, complaint rock played on vinyl,  the theater, well-informed optimism, happy endings (both kinds), and making those close to her laugh 'til they snort. She is a self-admitted change junkie, loving new experiences and places, but has now happily settled in the cutest lil' town, Vienna, Virginia.


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