Bookouture Publishing Presents: The Secrets We Keep

40501497 Title:  The Secrets We Keep
Author:  Kate Hewitt
Format:  Kindle ARC
Date Of Publication:  September 6, 2018
Publisher:  Bookouture
Rating:  3.5 Stars

‘Is her life as easy and effortless as it seems from the outside? Or is she feeling lonely, all by herself in that big house, an evening stretching out in front of her just as it is for me?’

When Tessa arrives at the little house by the lake with her two children Ben and Katherine, it is an escape. For all of them. Never mind that the rental house is a bit small – it’s theirs for the summer. A place to hide…

Their isolation is disrupted when they meet the family from the big house next door. Three children Charlotte, Zoe and Max and their glamorous mother Rebecca – who seems absolutely determined to invite Tessa in to their lives.

But Rebecca is harbouring a dark secret of her own. One that will put not only her family at risk, but Tessa’s too. And when she discovers she has no option but to leave her children for several weeks, Tessa feels like the only person she can trust.

Suddenly Tessa finds herself living a life she could only have dreamed of. Wealth, a large brood of children, and Rebecca’s handsome husband Josh visiting at weekends.

But even as powerful bonds are forming between them, have a way of catching up with people. And as the summer comes to an end, who will learn to love again and who will risk losing everything?

A gripping, twisty emotional page turner with a heartbreaking twist, for fans of Jodi Picoult, Emily Bleeker and Diane Chamberlain. 

My Thoughts
The Secrets We Keep is a book that promises a very emotional and suspenseful story.
A promise which it fulfills effortlessly.
The story, friendships and suspense all deepen slowly.
Leaving the reader panting for answers to the myriad of questions that situations,
and more importantly, unaddressed issues leave readers wondering about.

Though this is a story about the blending of two families through an unlikely friendship.
The majority of the read focuses on the problems and drama of Rebecca.  This element of the plot could have been one chalked up to story-line.  If not for the sudden appearance of allusions to Tessa's past in the last 20% (kindle reader estimation) of the book.
This too would not have been problematic.  Except for the fact that said allusions lead readers to realize that Tessa's character and her story are deserving of a book of their own.  Instead of just acting as an afterthought in someone else's.

This author writes so well, and the story is so compelling and well paced for the first 80%.  That the massive overload of  "everything but the kitchen sink" that happens as the story nears its conclusion,
is a bit jarring to say the least.
That being said however.
As a whole, this book is a beautifully expressed journey down the darker paths of friendship, loss, family issues, and trauma.

About Kate
Kate HewittKate was born in Pennsylvania, went to college in Vermont, and has spent summers in the Canadian wilderness. After several years as a diehard New Yorker, she now lives in a small market town in Wales with her husband, five young children, and an overly affectionate Golden Retriever.
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