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About the Book

The Elusive Earl
by Maddison Michaels
Saints & Sinners Series
Historical Romance
Entangled Amara
Publication Date
August 27, 2018
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Brianna Penderley has a knack for getting into precarious situations, especially when it comes to her love for archaeology. In the heart of Naples, her terrible Italian has her accidentally becoming engaged to two men at the same time. Of course, Daniel Wolcott—the Earl of Thornton and the only man ever able to vex her—shows up to rescue her.

Daniel has spent the majority of his life exercising rigid control over his emotions, determined never to become the rake his father was. But when he goes to aid his mentor’s danger-prone niece once again, he finds himself struggling to control his attraction to a woman who is his complete opposite.
When their situation goes from bad to worse, Daniel and Brianna find themselves swept up into a perilous adventure, and they must work together to set things right. Now, if they can just avoid killing each other in the process.

Mendicino, Calabria, Italy—1833
“It was the most glorious treasure the world had ever seen. Gold, silver, rubies, diamonds bigger than a man’s fist, priceless statues and urns, all carried on the backs of the loyal army of the great Visigoth king: plunders and spoils from King Aleric’s successful sacking of Rome.”
Isabella Maria Penderley stopped short with a start, hovering just outside the slightly ajar door of her baby daughter’s bedroom. A calm and melodic voice was recounting the tale of the fabled lost treasure. It was the voice of a man she had dreaded ever hearing again.
Slowly, she pushed open the door until the entirety of the room came into view. She exhaled a sharp breath and her chest constricted at the sight that greeted her.
Her husband Edward was lying deathly still in a pool of blood in the middle of the floor, the crimson of it trickling from a jagged gash across his throat.
A broken sob wrenched from her lips, but she couldn’t move; all she could do was drag her gaze up from his still form to the man sitting beside her daughter’s cot.
“Principessa Isabella, it is good to see you again, my dear.” His words were at odds with the steel in his eyes. “I am just regaling your daughter with the ancient tale of King Aleric and the great treasure he was buried with. The treasure you and your husband tried to cheat me of.”
“Calogero, please, I beg you,” Isabella said. “We did no—”
“Enough.” His voice was calm and even, though there was no mistaking the authority in his tone. “I believe I warned you what would happen if you and your husband double-crossed me, did I not?”

“Please, you must not do this,” she implored, stepping into the room.

My   Thoughts

Lady Brianna Penderly and her  most unwilling Lord Protector, Daniel Walcott, Earl of Thornton, prove quite the pair. In this very Indiana Jones-esque take on Historical Romance.

This read promises mystery and intrigue from chapter 1. 
With an opening / backstory that both draws the reader in, and sets the stage for the later introduction of the indomitable Miss Penderly.
Who does a most commendable job at living up to her "sticky wicket" reputation very early on.
And who, despite many later attempts on the author's part to make it seem otherwise.  Proves herself also to be quite good at getting unstuck as well.
A point that soon manages to become become quite the "sticking place" in the story's plotline progression .

Because one Daniel Walcott, international spy, world traveler, and Earl of Thornton, has been appointed as the official "only person who can save Brianna from herself".
Insert eye roll here _____.
And of course, dear, put upon, Daniel is hating EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF THE WHOLE AFFAIR.
Except when he's not.
Go figure.

Balancing out the futility of the feeling fighting on both parts.

Kidnappings, treasure hunting, people hunting, murder plots, and the discovery of lost legacies.

In short.

This book is a very sweet whirlwind of a fantasy.  Sure to bring out the Indiana Jones in any reader.
Even if she does happen to be wearing a dress. 

About Maddison Michaels

Indoctrinated into a world of dashing rogues and feisty heroines when she was 14 years old, MADDISON MICHAELS is a prolific reader and writer of romantic suspense and historical fiction. She gets her daily dose of suspense from prosecuting real life villains in the Courts.

A member of the RWA and RWA Australia, Maddison is as passionate about her writing as she is about her other two loves; her family and her cups of tea. Luckily she gets a healthy dash of romance married to her wonderful husband and her exercise regime is kept on track by her six-year-old daughter, who ensures Maddison is kept very busy chasing her around.

Maddison’s historical novels are her way of time traveling back to Victorian London to experience a cornucopia of intrigue, romance and debauchery all from the comfort of her living room! Her next novel ‘The Elusive Earl’ is the second book in her ‘Saints and Scoundrels’ series, and is set in the same world as her first book ‘The Devilish Duke’.
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