This "Master In Shining Armor" Could Use A Few Lessons In BDSM Chivalry

Title:  Master In Shining Armor
Series:  Masters Unleashed #4
Authors:  Sparrow Beckett
Publisher:  Intermix
Rating:  3 Stars

The author of Finding Master Right returns to the Masters Unleashed series with a new erotic romance with an unexpected surprise.

When Juliet Callahan's company lands a contract to renovate Catacombs, a mysterious private BDSM club, she's intrigued. The club's owner, William Ellis, is a bossy, dominant man who drives her up the wall. To find out what Catacombs needs, Juliet agrees to visit the club, never guessing she'll end up having a torrid night of submitting to Will's dominance.

Will doesn't want a needy submissive he has to treat with kid gloves, but naïve and proper Juliet is too hard to resist. She responds to him beautifully, but after one scorching night, she runs scared. Before he can figure out what makes the interesting girl tick, an unexpected shock shows up on his doorstep.

His ex's baby.

What people are saying about Masters Unleashed:

TOP PICK RT Book Reviews "Beckett's third entry in her Masters Unleashed series is a sparkler... The delightful pairing of Varushka and Konstantin is perfect." 4.5 stars 

~ “The writing duo Sparrow Beckett has a winner in their opening entry in the Masters Unleashed series. It’s a pleasure to watch as Kate and Banner grow together and adapt to each other’s needs. A family tragedy tests their mettle and the strength of their connection.” - RT Book Reviews (4 stars)

~ "Sparrow Beckett gives BDSM a fun, fresh, and flirty edge with TO HAVE AND TO MASTER, a refreshingly delightful take on arranged marriages in a modern twist. The humor and the banter really makes the reader feel like these are real people, and I adored every page. I could not read fast enough!" -NYT Bestselling author Jessica Clare

~ "Delectibly sexy and sweet..." - NYT Bestselling author Annabel Joseph

~ “Finding Master Right is an engaging, page-turning read. I was rooting for Banner and Kate’s happily ever after.” - International Bestselling author Sierra Cartwright

~ “Snappy dialogue and great pacing make for a breathless, glorious ride in Sparrow Beckett’s Finding Master Right! Provocative, sassy and dangerous—a sensually lethal combination!” - NYT Bestselling author Eden Bradley

~ "This book is one of those that drew me in from page one, and held me long after I hit the end." - Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

~ "It was fun with just the right amount of drama (and a few tears) to keep me desperate to know what was going to happen next." - The Smutty Kitty 

My Thoughts
*Due to the rather sensitive nature of the topic discussed, this review is not intended for those readers under 18.*

The dynamic duo that is Sparrow Beckett seems to be making quite the splash with this latest offering in the Masters Unleashed series.
Making every effort to temper the masterful dominate that is one William Ellis, with not one, but two life altering events in rapid succession.
The first of which being his meeting the love of his life.  One very vanilla, Julliet Callahan.  When she and her brothers are hired to revamp Catacombs.  William's very exclusive BDSM playground.

The second, and most life changing event by far, however.
His becoming a full time father to the infant daughter of his now deceased ex.

What's a Dom to do?
I can't say for sure what one is to do.  But based on some very reckless behavior on the part of Will with one very initiated  Juliet.
I can certainly say what one doesn't.
And Will's ill prepared, unprofessional, and very unsafe handling of Juliet's first BDSM experience both with him, and in the whole of life...
A definite HELL NO!
He was far more interested in how turned on that he was by her submission than her safety, her care, or her well being.
Offering her only a cursory explanation of safe wording, no prior knowledge of what was to take place in the scene, and pushing her well past her adrenaline threshold with no aftercare.
Not only is this line of play dangerous.  It is highly unethical.

It is very difficult for me as a reviewer to chalk this major faux pas on the part of these authors up to a simple case of lack of knowledge.  Given the fact that this is the 4th book of a BDSM series.  And more importantly.
The mistakes that Will makes in this book would never be made by an experienced Master or Mistress.

The fact that such ill treatment of a novice is presented in a positive light in this read.

And therein lies the heart of my problem as a reviewer.
The book was well written.
The story and characters very engaging.
The ending very "happily..."

But can I condone the portrayal of unsafe handling of a "novice".
Particularly not in the case of said novice also being one's love interest.
It is the opinion of this reviewer that this  book be marketed as a DARK EROTIC ROMANCE.
Rather than the "feel good" romance that it seems to be aiming for.

Readers will note that there is a decided lack of a review for the rather "run of the mill" and baby makes three plot line.
This is because Will's interest was elsewhere for the majority of the read.
And frankly so was mine.

About Sparrow Beckett

Sparrow BeckettTwo writers in two countries transform into the super writing duo, Sparrow Beckett, each night after wrangling their housefuls of children and pets. They trade the cape and colorful tights for tattoos and cups of coffee then set out to create a world where readers fall in love with heroes and the women who willingly go to their knees for them. Their books are the products of two kinky minds who don’t take themselves too seriously.
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