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Today we are celebrating the release of AN UNCONVENTIONAL INNOCENT by Dayna Quince. It is the fifth book in the Desperate and Daring series! There are 10 titles in this series and one will release per week till November 6th! The series is being published by Jack's House Publishing.

Check out the buy links for the book below, and links to an excerpt for each upcoming title.


AN UNCONVENTIONAL INNOCENT (Desperate and Daring, #5) 

Coming October 2 - Check out the buy links and an excerpt from the book!
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The heart may choose the road less traveled… Pressured into an unwanted marriage, Dorothea Manton escapes to her friend Lucy’s cottage, hoping to hide out until her twenty-first birthday when she will be able to choose her own fate. But trouble still finds her in the form of an injured soldier who collapses near the cottage. Free from the tethers of her conniving family, Thea befriends the major. Though friendship isn’t the only thing on her mind. Handsome and kind, Major Henry Felton treats her like a grown woman…not a sheltered miss. With little money and no place to live, Felton would most likely be dead had this brave and intelligent young woman not rescued him. But her identity remains a mystery. She’ll give him only her first name and nothing more. What could she be hiding, and who could she be hiding from? The closer they grow in their quiet little cottage, the more rabid his curiosity becomes…and the deeper he falls for her. Before Thea and Felton can explore their newfound feelings, a rival for Thea’s affections intervenes and declares himself Thea’s protector. To Felton, he reveals things about Thea she should have told him herself. Jealousy and honor clash, and Thea’s protector has an agenda of his own. Meanwhile, Thea’s erstwhile fiancé is on the hunt. With time running out and two men vying for her heart, Thea knows she must choose between a wounded soldier and a wealthy lord before her unwanted fiancé claims her.



Check out the rest of the series (each book releases 1 week apart!) 

DESPERATE FOR A DUKE (Desperate & Daring, #1) - available now!

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BELLE OF THE BALL (Desperate and Daring, #2) - available now!
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JUST ONE KISS (Desperate and Daring, #3) - available now!
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ANYTHING BUT INNOCENT (Desperate and Daring, #4) 

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AN UNCONVENTIONAL INNOCENT (Desperate and Daring, #5) 

MAD ABOUT YOU (Desperate and Daring, #6) 

Coming October 9 - Check out the buy links and an excerpt from the book!

A ROGUE OF HER OWN (Desperate and Daring, #7) 

Coming October 16 - Check out the buy links and an excerpt from the book!

HERO OF HER HEART (Desperate and Daring, #8) 

Coming October 23 - Check out the buy links and an excerpt from the book!

AN UNDESIRABLE DUKE (Desperate and Daring, #9) 

Coming October 30 - Check out the buy links and an excerpt from the book!

DARE TO LOVE A SCOT (Desperate and Daring, #10) 

Coming November 6 - Check out the buy links and an excerpt from the book!


My Thoughts
Authoress Dayna Quince strikes Historical Romance gold once more, in An Unconventional Innocent.  
And one gander at Lady Dorthea Manton will tell you why.
Because though she appears the epitome of all that a gentle well-bred lady should be.
She proves time and again to be very resourceful when it comes to defying convention.
Especially when it comes to love.

As for Major Henry Fenton.
He is just a man returned from battle.  Looking to visit his friend.
Little does he know that he will also find is the love of his life.

Readers will delight in this "my way or the highway" approach to bedding and wedding.
And a tale full of unexpected twists, turns of the heart, and even an upset or two for a certain Lord.

As with all of Dayna's books.  This one sitting read related to the ones before and those following.  But may be read as a standalone.


  Dayna Quince was only fourteen when she developed a serious addiction to romance novels. What began as an innocent desire to read became an all-out obsession with the romance genre. She gave book reports on romance novels, got in trouble for reading during lectures, and would rather spend her time reading than attending high school parties. After all, high school boys could not compete with the likes of Stephanie Laurens Devil Cynster. After getting her first job, her addiction only got worse. She now had her own money to spend and a car to get to Barnes and Noble as frequently as she wanted. She managed to maintain a somewhat normal life, marrying her high school boyfriend who was aware he was competing with fictional men for her attention. Dayna soon began writing her own romance novels, inspired by her love for all things romance. Dayna and her husband live in Southern California with their two children and three fur babies. Dayna is happiest at home where she can be with her family and write to her heart’s content. For more information about Dayna, please visit her website, “like” Dayna on Facebook and follow her on Twitter or Instagram. Sign up for Dayna’s newsletter to be notified about upcoming releases. She loves hearing from her readers. Email her directly at Look for Dayna’s Jack’s House releases from the Desperate and Daring Series.


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