"Logan's Lady" Stake's A Romantic Claim Worth Its Weight In Reader Gold...

Title:  Logan's Lady
Author:  Rosanne Bittner
Expected Date Of Publication:  March 26th, 2019
Length:  432 pages
Publisher:  Sourcebooks Casablanca
Rating:  5 Stars

Two worlds in conflict
Two hearts intertwined
One love worth fighting for...

Wealthy Englishwoman Lady Elizabeth Baylor longs for adventure. She leaves for America full of hope, only to lose everything to a villain hiding treachery behind his smile. Lost in this strange and lawless land, Elizabeth vows to track down the man who did her wrong...but she can't do it alone. What she needs is someone hardened by the west and unflinching toward its dangers: notorious bounty hunter Logan Best.

Ill-mannered and seemingly ruthless, Logan exorcises his dark past by throwing himself into his vengeful profession—hunting wanted men. There's nothing about the pampered Englishwoman that should call to him, and yet as their adventure takes them across the wild and treacherous west, he realizes he'll do anything to keep her safe...and defend his Lady to his final breath.

Have A Sneak Peek At Logan's Lady

YAY! Only a little over a month before LOGAN'S LADY becomes available!  Today, I'm posting another excerpt to whet your appetite, but first, I'd like to share two fantastic reviews that I have received this week:

      Now, I can't wait to hear what you, my readers, have to say about this book!  Meanwhile, read on for excerpt #2:
“Is there law now in Denver City?” she asked aloud.
“Of course.”
“I’ve been warned so often about how wild and untamed America’s West can be,” Elizabeth told him. “I’ve read so many stories about it in those penny dreadfuls.”
Alexander laughed richly. “Well, I suppose there is a hint of truth in some of those dime novels, but the West is becoming quite tame, I assure you. There are lawmen and U.S. Marshals who do their best, although some of the cow towns along the railway can get pretty wild when drovers come in with herds of cattle. They even have men who hunt outlaws for bounty. I suppose that, too, is a form of law and order, although some bounty hunters are hardly more than outlaws themselves.”
“Oh, how dreadful! I can’t imagine killing a man for money.”
“To each his own,” Alexander told her.
“Well, I hope I never run into such a man.”
Copyright Rosanne Bittner 2019

My Thoughts

If you are looking for a read brimming with loss, love, and lawlessness.
Just keep reading!
If you seek the story of a woman who cares to leave the pampered yet stifling existence that is her life as an English lady of the aristocracy.
For the adventure,danger, and freedom of the American West.
Just keep reading!
If you want to meet a rough and tumble bounty hunter. With a blazing gun, a heart of gold, and his own brand of justice.
Just keep reading!
If you want your villains down and dirty. And your heroes and heroines even dirtier.
Just keep reading!
And if you want to know just how it is that a delicate English rose, and a thorny American bounty hunter find forever in the Old West.
Just keep reading Logan's Lady. The latest offering from Rosanne Bittner.

This is a read that starts out deceptively predictable. With a very young and idealistic Lady Elizabeth Baylor, and her younger brother William setting out for adventure in America.
Determined to leave behind the rules and tyranny of both their domineering older brother, and the English aristocracy.
Only to meet with misfortune long before even reaching the continent.
Leaving poor Elizabeth alone and a literal "deer in headlights.
Innocent, obscenely wealthy, and painfully ripe pickings for the man posing as her newfound protector.

But fear not.

For this where things start to get interesting. As the reader starts to discover just how bad of a "bad man" Elizabeth's supposed savior is. This also where Logan and the lady's paths start to converge.

It is not long after that that 28% Mark (kindle approximation). That the two meet under very dire circumstances. Beginning the adventure earnestly.

Watching Elizabeth gain her sense of self and become a heroine in her own right. As she and Logan travel across the country to right the wrongs that had been done to her. Is nothing less than stellar.
Adding to this is the "Dirty Harry" style vengeance of leading man Logan.
And the utterly heart stopping romance.

This book's plot is one that blends action, romance, and compelling characters with the lore of the Wild West. To craft a story that would be a dream come true to any believer in fated happily ever after.

Reviewer's Note:
Logan's Lady is a standalone novel.

About Rosanne

I am a USA-TODAY best-selling authors with 35 years, 66 books and numerous writing awards behind me. I am currently working on #67 for my publisher, Sourcebooks. The story is called LOGAN'S LADY and is set for the spring of 2018. My most recent publications are my "Outlaw" books - OUTLAW HEARTS, DO NOT FORSAKE ME, LOVE'S SWEET REVENGE and THE LAST OUTLAW, with a follow-up Christmas story in an anthology called CHRISTMAS IN A COWBOY'S ARMS. This series is a family saga and an unforgettable love story between a wanted man and the woman who changes his life. My most recent Native American story is CAPTURE MY HEART, published by Amazon in 2017. I just finished a sequel, A WARRIOR'S PROMISE, which will be available on Amazon sometime in February, 2018.

For those of you who have not yet read my books, my stories are generally set in the American West of the 1800's and feature vividly-described, historically accurate settings that span the US from Missouri to California, from Canada to Mexico. Many of my books portray the poignant history of our Native Americans, and though the characters are my own, I use real historical locations and events in all my novels.

My biggest-selling books are my SAVAGE DESTINY series of books about the settling of Colorado and its affect on the Cheyenne Indians - SWEET PRAIRIE PASSION, RIDE THE FREE WIND, RIVER OF LOVE, EMBRACE THE WILD LAND, CLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN, MEET THE NEW DAWN and EAGLE'S SONG. The series follows one family throughout and is yet another memorable love story for all time.

National magazine ROMANTIC TIMES has called me the "Queen of Western Romance" and an "emotional powerhouse." My husband and I have traveled the west for over 30 years and I have visited just about every location mentioned in my books.

Where To Find Her:  Web / Twitter / Goodreads

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