Romance Is Hot...And The Search For A Killer Is Hotter In "Extreme Honor"

Title:  Extreme Honor
Series:  True Heroes #1
Author:  Piper J. Drake
Length: 316 pages
Publisher:  Forever
Rating:  3.5 Stars

Hot military heroes, the women who love them, and the dogs that always have their backs. EXTREME HONOR is the first book in a high adrenaline contemporary suspense series from Piper J. Drake.


David Cruz is good at two things: war and training dogs. The ex-soldiers toughest case is Atlas, a Belgian Malinois whose handler died in combat. Nobody at Hope's Crossing Kennel can break through the animal's grief. That is, until dog whisperer Evelyn Jones walks into the facility . . . and into Atlas's heart. David hates to admit that the curvy blonde's mesmerizing effect isn't limited to canines. But when Lyn's work with Atlas puts her in danger, David will do anything to protect her.

Lyn realizes that David's own battle scars make him uniquely qualified for his job as a trainer. Tough as nails yet gentle when it counts, he's gotten closer to Atlas than anyone else-and he's willing to put his hard-wired suspicion aside to let her do the same. But someone desperate enough to kill doesn't want Lyn working with Atlas. Now only teamwork, trust, and courage can save two troubled hearts and the dog who loves them both . . .

Please Enjoy This Excerpt From
Extreme Honor

Excerpt                                                                                        Her heart rate had picked up, fluttering at the pulse point under his touch.                                                             “Yeah?”                                                                                The urge to slide has hands over more delicate areas grew and he couldn’t help running his thumb along the inside of her arm.                                                                              Awareness grew in her gaze and she bit her lip as she nodded.  He leaned toward her, focused on her plump lip caught under her teeth.                                                                           “What else do you like?”                                                       She opened her mouth to answer but he didn’t plan to let her get a word out. Maybe later. He bent his head to capture her lips.                                                                                       And seventy five pounds of fur jumped up on his side.      “The hell?”
Lyn gasped. “Atlas!”                                                          “Af.” Mindful of the dog’s injury, Cruz gave Atlas a gentle shove.                                                                                    The dog dropped back to all fours, his tongue lolling. Looking from him to Lyn and back again, Atlas lay back down on his belly.                                                                  Jealous. Damn dog was jealous.                                             Be real. Every dog recognizes a fake. And good men can see through it too.                                                                  “I’d really like to help.” Honest. Simple. All the other reasons paled in comparison to this                                        “Whatever is going on, you know more about it than I do.” She licked her lips, her mouth gone dry.His gaze dipped, focusing on her mouth. “I might. I know something. I’m not sure it’s related. But this next question is important.”Can I kiss you?"                                                 Doubtful that was the question he was going to ask. But the moment was drawing out and she very much wanted for him to ask it. “Okay.”                                                                  “Do you think I would hurt you?”                                      “No!” It popped out before she had time to think about it. .Anger burned up from her chest and spread outward. She scowled. “Of course n—                                                         He kissed her.
My Thoughts

Extreme Honor is...
One of those books that you carry in your purse when you know that you're going somewhere that requires that you pay attention to what is going on around you.
Sort of.
(i.e. Taking the kiddos to "insert mandatory activity" here.)
And waiting.

There is a hot male ex-military canine handler, David Cruz.
An equally hot female civilian canine handler, Evelyn Jones.
Insert inappropriate sexually based inner dialogue "here"

On the part of both humans
Who managed to drool over each other within the first chapter of this book so much more than their canine war vet counterpart ever could.

A gorgeous Belgian Malinois whose handler died in combat.
Leaving Atlas depressed, alone, and the only one left to tell the secrets behind his death.
If he lives.

This first offering in the True Hero series is, for the most part, a very well written read.
Which manages to give readers a lightening speed plot from beginning to end.
With the leading lady, Lyn becoming an unwitting pawn in the game of some very shady characters.
Very early in the read.  Due to her attachment to Atlas.
Which in turn activates David's "save the princess" response.
And even has Atlas channeling his inner Lassie.  At one point.
All of which is well and good.
There were a few things that...
Let's just say.
Did not go over well.

The first of which being Lyn's relationship with her military officer father.
Their relationship seems unnecessarily adversarial.  With Lyn's stepfather always questioning her every decision.  Both professional and, awkwardly enough, personally.
Oftentimes making a very capable young woman seem very much the young girl who must earn her father's approval.

Following 'daddy issues at a close second, the whole "drool-fest that was discussed earlier in this review.
There was no reason why the fact that these two people found each other "magically delicious" almost to the point of cannibalism at first sight.  Had to be made so glaringly obvious so early in the book.
Their attraction and subsequent romance was the one thing that could have and should have been allowed to evolve slowly amid the otherwise chaotic goings-on that drives this story.

Extreme Honor makes a very good introductory showing for a very fast and heartfelt series.
It must be said however that the few detracting elements of this story do nothing to diminish the overall quality of the read as a whole.  The mystery surrounding the death of Atlas' previous handler and friend.  And the impact of that mystery on all involved.

Reviewer's Note:  This is the first in a loosely related series.  It may be read as a standalone.

About Piper

Piper J. DrakePiper J. Drake is a bestselling author of romantic suspense and edgy contemporary romance, a frequent flyer, and day job road warrior. She is often distracted by dogs, cupcakes, and random shenanigans.

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