Getting the Job Done Has Never Been So Sexy...Meet "The Pool Boy

40951429 Title:  The Pool Boy
Series:  The Handyman #1
Author:  Jamila Jasper
Length:  61 pages
Format:  Kindle
Rating:  4 Stars

The Handyman Series
5 burly bossy bad boys find hot romance where they least expect.
5 unsuspecting, successful black women become the object of their desires.
Each strapping handyman meets his match with a strong black woman who needs a filthy, pleasure-bringing hottie in her life to fulfill her every need...

With her kids off at college, Kishawn Morris is left to tending her beautiful Los Angeles mansion alone.
Her husband left her for a younger woman and she’s been so lonely… that is until Tom Jackson starts caring for her pool.
He’s 30 years old and wears nothing but a speedo as he works in the hot sun with his perfectly chiseled bod.
What starts as an invite inside for some lemonade turns into an unforgettable tryst that Kishawn will never regret.
Jam-packed with panty-dropping and page-turning action. This interracial romance short is 5,000+ words of pure enchantment with a guaranteed satisfying ending and a quick bonus preview of Book 2. Take a peek inside to get hooked.

Take A Peek!

My Thoughts
Jamila Jasper's sexy novella entitled The Pool Boy.  Is just what the doctor ordered for those wanting to add a little spice, a little color, and a few laughs to their reading lists.
Kishawn Morris may be successful in business.  A fact to which both her beautiful mansion and the hefty palimony settlement that she pays her ex-husband, Quincy, can attest.

There comes a time however, when even the most affluent of us needs a little help.
And given the sorry state of Kishawn's pool.  It looks to her like that time is now.  So when her well meaning assistant, Grace suggests a hard working friend of her's' who specializes in lawn and pool maintenance.
Kishawn is more than willing to give Tom Jackson a try.

But there is no way that Kishawn can prepare herself for the blonde haired, blue eyed, Adonis that she finds skulking around her back yard.  Bright and early the following morning.
Or, the lust fueled attraction that kindles between the two.  As he works and she looks on.
What Kishawn does know however, that that the 30-something who dares kiss her like his life depends on it.  When she invites him to sample her lemonade after a hard day's work.  Is much more "man" than his "pool boy" moniker implies.
And this man has jusst the right tools to insure that more than just her pool gets the TLC that its deserves.

This is a powerhouse of a little read.  If for nothing other than the shear number of boxes that it checks on any picky adult reader list.
We have:
Snark and / or humor. Check.
Older woman / younger man. Check.
Interracial couple. Check.
Strong male and female leads. Check.
Hot sex. Check...check and CHECK!
Story and characters that leave the reader wanting more! Check.

In fact, the only detraction that this reviewer has for this story is that it is too short.  There is not enough backstory, story, or epilogue to quench the thirst for more that this story leaves on with.
But thankfully this is the first of a series of shorts.  The Handyman series. to be exact, and Kishawn and Tom's story segue's into Brock and Tasha's in The Plumber.  Book #2 in this 5 volume collection.

Reviewer's Notes:  All titles in this loosely related series can be read for free on Kindle Unlimited.
This book contains adult themes and situations.  It  is therefore not recommended to those readers under 18.

About Jamila
Jamila Jasper 
Jamila Jasper is a 31-year-old romance author who just moved to a small corner of New England. She's always been in love with black romantic comedies and writing interracial romance fan fiction. This love of writing has morphed into a passion for publishing BWWM novels. Jamila concocts, sweet full-length romance novels with guaranteed happily ever after endings, each one with a creative, strong female lead and an attractive, caring white man.

See Her Socially:  Goodreads / Twitter /Facebook

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