Springing A Leak Takes On a Whole New Connotation In "The Plumber"

Title:  The Plumber
Series:  The Handyman #2
Author:  Jamila Jasper
Format:  Kindle
Length:  60 pages
Rating:  4.5 Stars
The Handyman Series

5 burly bossy bad boys find hot romance where they least expect.

5 unsuspecting, successful black women become the object of their desires.

Each strapping handyman meets his match with a strong black woman who needs a filthy, pleasure-bringing hottie in her life to fulfill her every need...

Brock Carlton is a PLUMBER helping 45-year-old Tasha Summers fix a leak...
Her burst pipe isn’t the only thing dripping wet!
A quick job turns into a mid-afternoon quickie that leaves them both SOAKED.
It’s the most alive Tasha’s felt since the divorce. This successful businesswoman has no regrets about the blue collar stud she let waltz into her life... 

Take A Peek...

My Thoughts

The Plumber is the second offering in Jamila Jaspers collection of erotic novellas entitled The Handyman series.
And just as the synopsis implies.  Hunky handyman, Brock Carlton seems to know his way around household leaks.  Whether it be stopping them.  As he does with the one under the kitchen sink.  Or, starting them.  As he does with the one between her thighs.  One thing is for certain.  This most dominate of plumbers knows just what he wants, and from whom.

When Tasha Summers finds herself face to face with a kitchen floor full of water and decides to call her favorite plumber. The last person that she expects to come to her aid is the self-assured and very masculine, Brock.
Neither did she expect that his stellar service would leave him so hot and sweaty that the offer of a shower would be in order.
Then there was the question about some missing shampoo.  A dropped towel.  Some up close and personal...But not too personal, time with Brock's rather formidable manhood.
And the stage is set for surprisingly well done Dom play.

Though this book is just as short as its predecessor, The Poolboy.  The much slower pace caused by Brock's making Tasha wait to fully consummate things.  Really serves to make the novella seem longer.  While providing the reader with the perfect amount of sexual tension to boot.

Just as in my review of Ms. Jasper's first offering in the series.  This reviewer is of the opinion that the novella though well done, is far too short.
But barring that.  A very sexy read to be sure.

About Jamila
Jamila Jasper 
Jamila Jasper is a 31-year-old romance author who just moved to a small corner of New England. She's always been in love with black romantic comedies and writing interracial romance fan fiction. This love of writing has morphed into a passion for publishing BWWM novels. Jamila concocts, sweet full-length romance novels with guaranteed happily ever after endings, each one with a creative, strong female lead and an attractive, caring white man.

See Her Socially:  Goodreads / Twitter /Facebook

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