Fun, Fantasy, Family,And Fur-ever Homes Are The Stuff Of Romantic Reality In "Puppy Christmas"

Title:  Puppy Christmas
Series:  Forever Home #2
Author:  Lucy Gilmore
Length:  416 pages
Format:  eARC
Publisher  Sourcebooks Casablanca
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Lila Vasquez might not be the "fun one" at Puppy Promise―the service puppy training school she runs with her sisters―but she can always be counted on to gets things done. So when her latest client shows an interest in princess gowns over power suits, Lila puts aside her scruples, straps on the glittery heels, and gets to work.

If only the adorable six-year-old's father wasn't such an appealing Prince Charming.

Ford's whole life revolves around his daughter...until he meets Lila. Smart, capable, and amazing at helping Emily gain confidence with her new service puppy at her side, Lila is everything he ever wanted―but she's way out of his league. Good thing Emily and her new pup are up to the matchmaking task. This Christmas, it's all hands (and paws) on deck!

Please enjoy this excerpt from...
Puppy Christmas
Lucy Gilmore

She proved it by deepening the kiss. The assault of her tongue and the warm press of her mouth against his invoked every sense he had—taste and smell and glorious touch. She even released a soft moan into his mouth that made his head whir with possibilities.

And then she ended it as quickly as it began.

“Let’s skip the date,” he said before he’d even managed to open his eyes again. “I don’t care if we’re flying to the Eiffel Tower on a private jet run entirely on champagne. Let’s stay in this van and make out instead.”

She didn’t move. “You don’t want to see what I have planned?”

He’d opened his eyes by this time, but the parking lot lighting was dim, and what little vision he did have was obscured by the stars dazzling his vision. Actual g-o-d-d-a-m-n stars.


Excerpted from Puppy Christmas by Lucy Gilmore. © 2019 by Lucy Gilmore. Used with permission of the publisher, Sourcebooks Casablanca, an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. All rights reserved      

My Thoughts
Lily, Ford, Emily, and Jeeves are a quartet that make for one h-e-l-l of a happy ending.
In this second volume of Lucy Gilmore's puppy powered Forever Home series.

As it turns out...
The aptly titled Puppy Christmas really is the holiday themed dose of romantic sweetness that serves as the gift that keeps on giving.
Whether it be as the story of the misunderstood loner who finally finds her tribe.

Or the fun loving, self deprecating, flirty, single father. Who uses charm and wit to keep women at bay. While secretly longing for that one woman who will care enough to look for the depth of the lonely soul within.

Or the sweet and intelligent six year old girl. Who loves fairytales, longs for real friends, and is struggling to make her way in a world that hearing loss has made both difficult to both hear and understand.

Or finally.
The sweet, loyal, and utterly irresistible cock-a-poo that enters the lives of all interested parties. When Lila's company, Puppy Promise, gifts him and his training to Ford and Emily as part of a partnership with the Auditory Guild. A nonprofit organization specifically geared to assist the hearing impaired with training, funding, and assistance of various sorts. Designed to improve the lives of the hearing impaired and their families.

This is truly the story of 1-2-3 and fur makes a family and so much more.

Readers of this story will be very clearly surprised to find that the balance between Lila's learning that she is worthy of love and understanding in a relationship.
Ford's finding the love of both his and his daughter's lives in Lila.
And Emily's journey of self discovery. As her bond with both Lila and Jeeves grows.
Is well maintained throughout the story's progression. It's natural transition from both character to character and emotional depth to emotional depth.
And let's not forget that hallmark does of Lucy Gilmore cute quirk that each of her stories is loaded with.
This one being no exception.
Although it must be said...
That the trademark cuteness that is lauded here resides much more frequently within the context of Lila and Ford's interactions. Than the customarily assumed child and puppy placement.

This is also a very romantic story. Which uses humor and true bonding to establish a secure footing for the eventual physical relationship.
Causing the reader to become much more invested in the totality of the success of Lila and Ford's relationship as a whole. Long before they are even a couple.

The holiday theme of this read is also handled in such an unobtrusive manner. That it remains a setting. And does not become central to the plot in any other way.

There are in fact, very few detractors to this story as.a.whole. Aside from the very meager amount of time given to the issue of Emily's mother.
And the over use of the spelling of provocative or suggestive words.
Which goes from being cute when first introduced. To "oh we go again." By book 's end.

Overall however. Puppy Christmas truly does offer reader a story whose romantic bark is definitely as big as its emotional tug at one's heartstrings.
And although it is the second book in a series and holiday themed. It may be enjoyed anytime of year. As a standalone or as part of its intended series.

WTF Are You Reading would like to thank Souorcebooks Casablanca and Netgally for providing the review copy on which the above critique is based.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the reviewer. And are in no way influenced by any other party. This is an unsolicited review.

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