Meaningful Connections And Near Missed Second Chances Make For A Not So Comfortable Stay At "The Forever Farmhouse"

Title:  The Forever Farmhouse
Series:  Hometown Brothers  #1
Author:  Lee Tobin McClain
Length:  384 pages
Publisher:  HQN
Rating:  3 Stars
Expected Date of Publication: Sept. 6, 2022

A Chesapeake island homecoming—and a life-changing discovery

When Ryan Hastings first came to Teaberry Island, he was a troubled teen on his last chance. He’s returning as a renowned scientist, checking in on his widowed foster mother. But one thing hasn’t changed—Ryan’s feelings for the girl next door whom he loved…and left. Mellie Anderson has a son now, and a good life that Ryan believes he’s still too damaged to share. But he knows he can help young Alfie, who’s getting picked on at his new school.

Mellie is grateful her gifted son is getting extra support, and torn about where it’s coming from. Ryan has no idea he’s Alfie’s father. No matter how valid her reasons were, could Ryan ever understand why she didn’t tell him? But in this close-knit community, friendship and forgiveness are always near at hand, and forever love might be waiting just next door.

My Thoughts 

Second chance romance with a very big and very inappropriate secret.

Leading man starring as the youth with a troubled past.
Returned home a hero of sorts. Determined to help the foster mother who saved him. As she is now left to cope with the sudden death of her husband.

Hometown girl reappearing always just a little too close for comfort.
Annoying allusions to secrets too many times to count.
When said secret is as obvious as the plot to a Hallmark movie.

That is what we have here in a nutshell with Ryan and the gang.
This is a likeable read for the most part.
The main plot device of the secret is what proves the biggest downside to the story.
It deviates so much of the story away from romance, bonding, family, and second chances. That by the time that the fallout from said unnecessary secret has been dealt with. The HEA has been religated to a mere afterthought.

Thanks to Netgalley and Mira for providing the review copy upon which this critique was based.
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