About Me

     I'm Frishawn, and I am addicted to books.  There I said it...whoooooo!
Thank you for taking the time to visit my little corner of the world.
I started this blog to share my love of reading with the world at large.  (my love for reading being LARGE)
I figured it should have its own place.   When I am not  reading, (perish the thought) I am mother to 3 wonderful daughters, a Tibetan Spaniel named Max, and a Chihuahua named Chase.

Ok, now for a little Q&A

Is there anything that you won't read?
Nope.  If it is in print I will read it.  Even if its REALLY BAD.

Do you update your Twitter with what you are reading and when you finish?
Yes,  I try to let the readers know what I'm reading and when.

Do you have a specific format:  audiobook, epub, hardback, ect. that you review?
Nope,  I take whatever format I can get.  The format will be listed in the review.

Do you review only current titles?
Nope, The reason being that I have found a lot of 'unsung heroes' in bookland
that may have been out there for a while, but are also review worthy.

I will add more as the mood strikes or after the caffeine kicks in.
Yours In Books,