Secrets, Sex, and Scandels Abound In "Tempting The Corporate Spy"

Tempting the Corporate Spy (Entangled Brazen) Title:  Tempting The Corporate Spy
Author:  Angela Claire
Format:  ERC
Length:  188 pages
Expected Date of Publication:  March 3rd, 2015
Publisher:  Entangled/Brazen
Rating:  4 Stars

A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint... He's stealing more than her heart… Whiz kid Liv Altman is working on Internet anti-piracy software that could be huge. It could also be dangerous. And someone wants it badly enough to blackmail only the very best hacker—the infamous and reclusive Jonathon Crestwell—into stealing it… Liv usually has no trouble ignoring the computer geeks she works with every day, but her new corporate consultant is definitely not easy to ignore. He's tall and dead hot, with deep blue eyes that make Liv think the naughtiest of HR-violating thoughts. When she finds him unexpectedly in her office one evening, things take a turn for the sexier. But come morning, Liv will discover the truth about her new employee...and what he really wants.  -Goodreads

My Thoughts

Tempting The Corporate Spy is a very smart, sweet, and nerdalicious     romance.  While the whole Jon Foster as corporate spy aspect of this story proves rather flimsy in the plot pushing department,  it serves the purpose of romantic gateway very well.

Jon/Johnathan plays the sensitive, wounded, and brilliantly sexy leading man to perfection.   The fact that he manages to miss a few rather obvious flaws in his friend 's pitiful attempt to blackmail him. Well...we'll just chalk that one up to human imperfection, and the fact that his due diligence would have ended this trip in about a chapter and a half.

Olivia Altman, and her workaholic sexy nerdiness, proves the perfect foil for Mr. Crestwell and all of his plans and schemes.  It seems that a brilliant mind, honest heart, great sex, and flashing green eyes are this Superman's custom Kryptonite.

It is in fact the lava hot passion that these two share, that keeps the pages turning right through thinner plotted moments within the read.  The connection between this reviewer and the leading couple is so strong in fact,  that I am hoping for another story featuring these two.

The sex scenes featured here may be on the vanilla side in terms of kink, but what they lack in terms of fetish; they more than make up for in intensity.  Who says that good old fashioned sex can't be panty-melting hot.

 This is a very quick, light, and very sexy escape from the everyday, that is sure to change your perception of "techies" for the sexier. 

Angela ClaireAs a teen, Angela Claire worked in a graveyard, mowing lawns. She thought it was the worst job she'd ever have. Unfortunately,
she went on to practice law. Once free of that horror, she turned to writing. Her stories always include a sassy heroine because she doesn't know any other way to write them and a hero who's to die for. When she isn't writing, she'd rather be. She has published over 20 books with Entangled, Siren Bookstrand and Ellora's Cave. Her latest is Tempting the Corporate Spy, out from Entangled. She is represented by Maureen Walters at Curtis Brown, LTD.
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