Adult Mystery Review: "Collared" Will Capture Your Heart

Collared (Gin & Tonic, #1)

Title:  Collared
(Gin & Tonic #1)
Author:  L. A. Kornetsky
Format:  Print
Length:  304 pages
Publisher:  Gallery Books
Rating:  4 stars

They rely on animal instincts…

Meet “Gin” and “Tonic.” She’s a dog person. He’s a cat person. But when these two friendly rivals team up to solve a mystery, you can bet their pets aren’t the only ones getting collared…

Ginny Mallard and her shar-pei, Georgie, are about to run out of kibble and cash, unless she digs up another client for her private concierge business. So she heads to her neighborhood Seattle bar, Mary’s, to sniff out an opportunity. Or a gimlet or two. The bartender, Teddy Tonica, is usually good for a round of challenging banter, and Georgie is oddly fond of his bar cat, Mistress Penny.

Before she can say “bottoms up,” Ginny lands a job tracking down some important business papers that have gone missing—along with the customer’s uncle. If Ginny hopes to track him down, she’ll need more than her research skills: she’ll need a partner with people skills—like Tonica.

This is one dangerous case that’s about to go to the dogs—unless man, woman, cat, and canine can work together as one very unconventional crime-solving team. -Goodreads

My Thoughts
This cozy mystery is quite the charmer.  This the first offering in the Gin and Tonic series introduces readers to unlikely human sleuths Ginny Malard and Teddy Tonica and their furry counterparts, Georgie and Mistress Penny.

The quick wit and chemistry between Ginny and Teddy is evident long before they start working together.  Ginny's upfront "what you see is what you get"  is the perfect balance for all of the unanswered questions that crop up about the charming and "well connected"  Teddy as the story progresses.

If you are looking for edge of your seat action, this is not the book for you.  If you are looking for charm, well-written characters, and a solid and enjoyable plot driven story, read on.

The one drawback to this tale is the lack of furry participation in the hunt for the missing Mr.  Most of the scenes involving the furry duo consists of them grooming or waiting for the humans.  Although Georgie has a grand time proving her metal at the end.
This is a fun and engrossing light read.  The first book gives just enough of all the goodies this series has to offer to hook you for the next read. 

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