"Me Him Them and It" Will Make You Think


Me, Him, Them and It
Title:  Me, Him, Them, and It
Author:  Caela Carter
Format:  E-Galley
Length:  320 pages
Publisher:  Bloomsbury Children's Publishing
Rating:  4 stars
When Evelyn decided to piss off her parents with a bad reputation, she wasn't planning to ruin her valedictorian status. She also wasn't planning to fall for Todd-the guy she was just using for sex. And she definitely wasn't planning on getting pregnant. When Todd turns his back on her, Evelyn's not sure where to go. Can a distant mother, a cheating father, an angry best friend, and a (thankfully) loving aunt with adopted daughters of her own help Evelyn make the heart-wrenching decisions that follow? With the popularity of Juno, Teen Mom, and The Secret Life of the American Teenager, this novel has a built-in audience. Gripping, heartfelt, and responsible, Me, Him, Them, and It is not to be missed!

My Thoughts 
Evelyn Jones is a mystery to the reader and to herself.  She wants to be good, but not too good.  She wants to be loved, but can't seem to believe that she is worthy of the love she craves.  Add to that the fact that she is pregnant...
This a case of a book in which the person for which you are supposed to have the most sympathy is also the person that you most want to choke.

Evie has everything going for her:  she's rich, has great grades, a best friend that loves her, and she could have a great boyfriend.

The problem...

Her parents a.k.a. "The Ice Queen" and "The Stranger" are having problems and distant, so she does all she can to garner a "rep" and the attention she isn't getting at home.

Understanding that she is the best example of "young and dumb" doesn't help the fact that she is also very entitled and self centered for most of the read.  She spends a great deal of the book pushing away the very people that she needs most.  She is also very judgmental of the failings of others, but when the shoe is on the other foot she expects no judgement in return.

Todd's bad rap in this case is totally undeserved.  We never get to see what a good person he is because Evie is so busy pushing him away.  She doesn't allow him to be her boyfriend, she won't allow him any input on the future of his child, and she won't admit that she loves him.
What's a boy gotta do to get a little respect?

This read book reads like a reality show script, and as such is a prime candidate for usage as a projectile at various points of the story.  The trick to this read is making it through the emotional storm to the bitter sweetness of hard learned lessons and the beautiful rainbow colored in the brilliant hues of understanding, forgiveness, and hope.  
My Rating:

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