There's Nothing Boring About "Blameless"

Title:  Blameless
Author:  Gail Carriger
Format:  Audible Audiobook
Length:  11hrs.  59mins.  3 parts
Publisher:   Recorded Books
Age Range:  Late Teen to Adult
Stars:  5of 5
Gail Carriger’s best-selling Parasol Protectorate series reimagines Victorian England with vampires, werewolves, and a dash of steampunk. Blameless is the third in the series starring the parasol-wielding Lady Alexia Maccon, formerly Alexia Tarabotti. After news spreads of her delicate condition—a surprise to everyone since she’s married to a werewolf—Alexia is desperate to escape the London gossip. So she heads to Italy for a change of scenery.  -Goodreads

     This third book in the series was so good that I just stayed in bed all day and listened to it.  I must say that Alexia is one of my favorite characters EVER!
This series never ceases to delight, amaze, enthrall and entertain. 
In this installment of the series Alexia is:
1.  Pregnant and separated from Connall
2.  Thrown out by family
3.  Almost murdered by mechanical ladybugs
4.  Deserted by Lord Akeldama (best vampiric friend)
5.  Kicked out of the Shadow Council by Queen Victoria
....and that's just in the first few chapters.

     The thing that keeps me coming back for more is Alexia's indomitable spirit.  You just can't keep a good "soul sucker" down.  Especially when she has her friends, her sense of humor and her James Bondesque Parasol.  The adventure, storyline, setting and characters are so well-written that you just want to stay in the story forever.
     Emily Grey is the best narrator EVER!  Her voices are so well done that you don't bat an eye at the fact that most of the characters that she is voicing are men.
If you like steampunk, romance, vamps, wares, and killer will LOVE this BOOK!
"I mean to say, really, I am near to developing a neurosis - is there anyone around who doesn't want to study or kill me?"
Floote raised a tentative hand.
"Ah, yes, thank you, Floote."
"There is also Mrs Tunstell, madam," he offered hopefully, is if Ivy were some kind of consolation prize.
"I notice you don't mention my fair-weather husband."
"I suspect, at this moment, madam, he probably wants to kill you."
Alexia couldn't help smiling. "Good point                                                  Blameless

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