Lady Amber's Tours Presents: The Other F-Word

The Other Words Series
These are full length contemporary romance books with humor and a deep storyline.
Meet Marley, Billie, Stevie and Emmie – 4 funny girls, one quirky family. So pull up a chair, have some vegan ice cream and dish with us.
Synopsis –
Can she overcome her consuming desire for him? Can he make her comfortable with the other C-word…commitment?

Marley Mason is dreading the arrival of the new business consultant. After all, this man will most likely outsource her job to China. The last thing she would expect is a case of mistaken identity, leading to false accusations of kidnapping when she attempts to pick up the wrong man at the airport, or worse…that she would have such a visceral reaction to the right man.

Rick Randy is super sexy, scandalously flirty, and perfect masturbation material, but a relationship is out of the question. Rick is contracted on a temporary basis to fix Marley’s ailing company, and then pull out, although as he expresses to Marley, pulling out is difficult for him, in more ways than one! Marley’s feelings range from utter confusion to intense contemplation as Rick charms his way into her life. All of those C-words Marley can control, but it’s the other C-word she fears—commitment.
Blog Review from Stacia at Three Girls and a Book Obsession
You had me at "R U Randy"!! <3 class="kix-line-break" data-blogger-escaped-br="">I swear I literally laughed out loud throughout this book- between the banter with Marley and her sisters, to her smart ass comments, to most conversations between her and Rick I, I don't know that a book has ever been this comical.
Aside from that, it was also emotional, addicting, and sexy as hell.
I hope to read more from this author :)

The Other C-Word will be 99 cents from April 11th to April 18th on Amazon, Are, and Totally Bound’s site.

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This is book two in the In Other Words series.

Damien Wolfe is ferociously sexy. Emmie Mason is fastidiously stubborn. When fate brings them together, they are both challenged by the other F-word…forever.

Fashionable forty-four-year-old, Emmie Mason is content with her fastidious life. She has everything she needs in her loving family and friends. Her eldest daughter, Marley, has married the man of her dreams, and she has a new grandchild. What more could a woman ask for?

She isn’t prepared for fate to slap her in the face in the form of a bridal bouquet. Or worse, to run into the fantasy-inducing, eye-catching, panty-dropping, swoon-worthy man she’s been thinking about for over a year, even though they only danced together once.

As it turns out, thirty-year-old real estate mogul Damien Wolfe has been thinking about her too. Damien’s flirty, funny and forthright personality challenges Emmie and tilts her world. But it’s his kind soul and compassionate demeanor that really frighten her.

He’s easy to fall for, but how could she ever recover if she risked her heart to him? Can they both overcome their fears and commit to that other F-word…Forever?

Blog Review –
Once in a while I come across a book that has me fist pumping excited so much that before it’s even released I’m telling all my friend they HAVE to read it. The Other F-Word is one of those books. I LOVED IT! From the characters to the story line, my brain was checking marking every box of what I require in a book. Great characters – Check. Witty dialog – Check. Sweet romance – check. Build up to a one heck of a HEA – Check. Great sex scenes – CHECK!!! Let me extrapolate.

Emmie and her family. Filled with vibrancy, sibling rivalry and quirky 'relatives' (blood or not) Emmie's family felt as real as they come. These are people I could and would want to hang out with. In case you missed it, there are a LOT of characters. Each and every one of have an added importance to the story-line.

Emmie/Jessie and Damien - Cougar and Wolf. Her double name is a funny story in itself. Serious, what wasn’t there to love of these two interacting together. Damien certainly wasn’t what I was expecting. Nowadays, when a book has a ‘rich’ guy in, I’m thinking he’s going to come off all Alpha and dominate the woman. Not so here. Instead I found Damien to be warm, caring and very down to earth. The teasing as friends leading to lover felt so natural. Nothing seemed rushed in this perfectly paced book. The combination of playful and serious moments had me sighing and giggling thorough the whole book. I’m thinking back now about certain parts and smiling all over again.

I truly did expect a different kind of book from the title The Other F-Word. Something nasty and wicked. Instead, I discovered a wonderful book that had me laughing, crying and a family that I would love to be adopted into. If you’re ready to take a break from all the YA and NA books that have flooded the book market, then read The Other F-Word by M.K. Schiller. You most certainly will not be disappointed.

Dish - This is the best book I have read this year.

My Thoughts
This is the romance to beat all romances. Emmie is a serious, caring, and very 'plugged in mother. A great employee. A very intelligent and beautiful woman. She also happens to be scared out,of her mind at the prospect of letting love back into her life.
Damien is a man used to the finer things in life, and when he meets the vivacious Jessie, while out clubbing; he knows he's found it.
Emmie never thought that she would see the sexy stranger that stole her breath and starred in her dreams.
The first two chapters inch along as readers are introduced to Emmie and her family, but once Damien enters the picture, the romantic view comes into full and vibrant focus fast. The easy discourse and playful banter that Jessie/Emmie and Damien share, makes their relationship read as natural. It is not at all a stretch to slip into Emmie's shoes and walk her winding road to love.
As the read progresses and the relationship deepens, Damien is the first to show his soft underbelly. Turns out his wallet isn't the only thing that is golden. This man has a heart as big as his bank vault, and he wants to give his Jessie the key.
The older woman/younger man scenario is very well played out. Emmie/Jessie's and misgivings are respectfuly and honestly explored and addressed, while Emmie/Jessie is allowed to keep her power and never made to appear as though she is inferior to the 'force of nature' that is her man.
Get ready for the feels.
The second half of this book is jam packed with heart stopping emotion.
Yep, this is the part where you're gonna need Kleenex.
I won't go so far as to ruin things for you, but I will say that this book bring new meaning to the term 'cougar'.
Damien Wolfe is one predator determined to hear his lady cat purr.

The Other F-Word
Links for The Other F-Word – will be on Amazon and in print on April 11th

Available now from Totally Bound at other f-word

I am a hopeless romantic in a hopelessly pragmatic world. I have a full time life and two busy teenagers, but in the dark of night, I sit by the warm glow of my computer monitor, and attempt to conjure up passionate heartwarming stories with plenty of humor.
I started imagining stories in my head at a very young age. In fact, I got so good at it that friends asked me to create plots featuring them as the heroine and the object of their affection as the hero. We'd spend hours on the phone while I came up with a series of unrealistic, yet tender events, which led to a satisfying conclusion. You've heard of fan fiction... this was friend fiction.
Even with that, it took many years to realize I could produce an actual full-length book that readers would enjoy. I try to make my stories humorous, realistic, with flawed but redeeming characters. I hope you enjoy my stories and always find The Happily Ever After in every endeavor.
Author Links:
Twitter - @MKSchiller

“Wasn’t it an amazing night?” “Not yet, but I think it could be,” a deep, gravelly voice answered, causing my throat to go dry despite the copious amounts of liquor I’d consumed. Shit. This was a huge hotel with multiple functions. Why hadn’t I checked before hopping into the car like I owned it? “I’m in the wrong limo,” I said, scooting toward the door. He clasped my arm. “Or maybe you’re in the right one.” My flesh broke out into goosebumps from the contact of his skin against mine. What was going on? This was the reaction of a shy school girl, not a confident woman like myself. “I’m sorry. I have to go.” “Wait.” There was a command in that voice that I didn’t question. I halted right away. “I believe this is yours,” he said, handing me the bouquet. I cursed the flowers because their sweet scent masked his masculine, intoxicating one. “Yes, thank you.” “Tell me I’m not too late.” “I don’t follow.”“Are you the bride or did you catch this?” “Neither. It sort of slapped me in the face.” He chuckled—a deep and hearty laugh. “Maybe it’s fate’s way of telling you something.” “Or maybe I just have bad reflexes,” I said, realizing my ragged breathing and shaky hands gave away my feelings. I pulled the door handle several times. It wouldn’t release. Then I heard the click. “I’ll let you escape, if that’s what you want.” I almost toppled out of the door, but managed to catch myself. The overhead lights came on and I paused, much longer than acceptable, drinking in the sight of him. His deep voice turned me on, but his face was the stuff of orgasmic fantasies. He looked familiar, like maybe he’d already trespassed into my dreams, although I couldn’t place him. He nodded, looking completely composed in a dark, tailored suit and with a wry smile. He had all the ingredients for a delicious recipe—Ashton Kutcher’s sultry lips, Robert Pattison’s thick eyebrows, Mario Lopez’s jet black hair and Jason Statham’s broad chest. His hazel eyes were all his own though. They were so unique, the color falling somewhere between golden sun and forest floor. I was grateful for the bouquet for the first time that night, because I needed it to fan myself. “Good bye,” I said. “Or maybe it’s hello…again,” he whispered, before I closed the door. Again?

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