Get All Tied Up With Secret Confessions: Nella

23510826Title:  Secret Confessions:  Sydney Housewives:Nella
(Secret Confessions:  Sydney Housewives #3)
Author:  Cathleen Ross
Format:  ERC
Length:  34 pages
Publication Date: December 4, 2014
Publisher:  Escape Publishing
Rating:  3 Stars
Nella is one hundred percent in control of her life – all aspects of her life. She excels at knowing what everyone needs, and in meeting those needs.

So when it comes to her husband, Michael, and his deepest desires and most fundamental requirements, she is committed, creative, and unswerving in her responsibilities. A strong man needs a strong woman, and Nella’s love is as strong as steel.  -Goodreads

My Thoughts  
Nella's story is where readers really get the sense of differences in individual writing styles among this series' varying authors.Where both Virgina's and Lana's stories had been very emotionally raw, up close, and personal. The story told here is told with a detached precision that is almost clinical.
Though this may be somewhat off putting at first, it soon becomes apparent that the BDSM nature of Nella and Michael's tale, lends itself to said style in a very appropriate pairing.
Although fans if the strong 'woman behind the man' scenario may want to stand up and cheer at the way that Nella plays domme to Michael's sub. The domination train starts to leave the rails a bit when she starts to use said skills to bully her husband into giving her what she wants in other areas.

If anything, this read feels like a role reversal is in order. With Nella as breadwinner and her dear hubs as house husband.

Reviewer's Note: This work is strongly recommended to readers 18+, due to graphic sexual situations.


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