"Just Sayin" Thank You For All The Books

When I began my book blogging journey 7 years ago.  I had no idea that the title of my blog would become a truth by which I live my life.
But as I sit here now.
Trying to choose between thousands of titles.
The question that my blog's moniker poses is one that is more relevant now than ever.
And it is for that freedom of choice that I say thank you.
To publishers, publicists, authors, book friends, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, libraries.
Thank you.
To every person who has ever followed me, liked a review, left a comment, or encouraged me in any way.
Thank you.
To Edelweiss and NetGalley
Thank you.
To and for book lovers the world over thank you.
To every book I've ever read.
To all the titles I have yet to touch.
Thank You!


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